Growing Darlingtonia from seeds


I should have taken a macro shot of the seeds before I cold stratified them. Your photo makes them look spikier than the ones I received! I currently have the Darlingtonia seeds in a zipped up plastic bag amongst 2-3 strands of moist sphagnum moss. I have them at the bottom of my fridge crisper. I am planning to sow them after 2 weeks as per my conversation with Kdawg. Still debating about the substrate if I successfully germinate them.


Mine are in the fridge with a bit of damp live moss. I will "strat" for 3 weeks or 21 days. Will probably germinate with a peat/perlite/sand mix.

"The emergences from the seeds help them to get caught in fur as well as microfiber clothing."
I found it really interesting that they adapted this seed transportation method.


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Love seeding these Darlings! Cant wait for more people to grow them to their awesome peak! :D