Good Trader and Nursery List


@WillyCKH: Thank you Willy for the careful packaging and extra additions. Everything arrived in a recycled flat box that made me think of a Pizza delivery box except instead of pizza, it's all plants, and the extra additions are free toppings (that you enjoy eating) you didn't anticipate getting. Again thank you very much!


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Thanks Willy for the seeds, nepenthes and brocchinia!
They are all happy and healthy as always :)

Also big thanks to Roraima for the maxima wavy leaf x lowii; Im looking forward to seeing how that hybrid turns out!


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Huge thanks to @WillyCKH for utricularia! I always wanted to get back at growing a longifolia. Also I love the freebie gold spiral planter looks amazing with the nepenthes I also got from you!