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It looks ready. From my experience, you would want to open up the fruit carefully and take out the seeds (brown) and clean away the sweet parts (yes it tastes sweet!... at least for the berries I tried :p). This will prevent mold/ fungus developing on your seeds. Sow the seeds on top of sphagnum moss, keep moist but not water-logging, do not cover the seeds. Germination should occur pretty quickly if the conditions are right.


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fresh or no is OK ,fungus or no on the seed is also OK.

the drupe is mature when it takes color, following the species: orange, pink, white.
detach it from the stem, put it on a blotting paper and extract the seeds, let dry a little by removing all the pulp.

sprouting is extremely easy, put the seeds on a simple wet (even soggy) absorbent paper and at 20-24 ° C,in suffocated ( à l'étouffé in french ).
dice the appearance of a leaf crown, put them in peat, from the formation of the caudex now I put them on plates of roots of shrubby fern, greenhouse or terrarium with a still wet atmosphere.

Note that these are often accompanying ,species of nephentes, to give an idea of their condition 'in situ' or culture.