First Adult Pitcher!

I got this Heliamphora purpurescens big x ionasi red giant from @Labine a month ago and i was so worried that it was going to need a long recovery period after spending 2 weeks in the mail but I was wrong! Here is the little guy when i first got it on may 25

And here it is about 2 weeks later

And today it finally opened that new pitcher!

my only other heliamphora for the longest time is a little heliamphora minor that i got a year ago and its been very slow growing so i am not used to helis growing this quick :p

Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict

I have noticed that when I got plants with adult pitchers already, they grow significantly faster than the juvenile plants, regardless of size etc.

Eg. I have a juvenile plant with 30 or more pitchers, but it barely grows...

I got a one adult pitcher division from lloyd and it is booming! Has grown steadily, and is just now offering me it's second flower stalk :).
What temp are you growing Labine's heli's at? I got mine about 2 weeks plus ago and they seem to be struggling a bit to adjust. No new growth on my minor.
I also have my heliamphora pots sitting in a seedling tray full of loose sphagnum that I spray down when I water them. This keeps humidity high and temperature low