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Lloyd Gordon

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I was thinking of buying a 12" x 12" x 18" exo terra mini-terrarium and fitting it with a glass lid to keep the humidity up. Good idea?

Carson Hardy

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Great idea, but, I highly suggest going bigger!

I love the exo terras. A bit pricey on a gallon per gallon comparison... but, well worth the nice doors.

I put a piece of glass that doesn't entirely cover the top, so there is some ventilation from beneath the doors, to the top. helps keep the doors condensation free.

I can add some photos if you are interested

Carson Hardy

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A photo of the false bottom. Egg crate on egg crate stilts covered in a layer of fibreglass screen.

A few photos of the tops of the tanks. I have breathing strips on either side of the tank, front and back. And a hose that I can siphon all the extra water out with permanently installed.


I also use egg crate to mount the misstking system, the fittings fit snuggly in the eggcrtae, and the washer tightens it up some more.

A few of my tanks come from a friend, who cut glass to an appropriate size, then built a small window screen with the frame and everything for a cleaner more professional look. Similar results imo, but definitely a better aesthetic.

Then, a photo of my new tanks, because I like how they turned out! 24 wide, 36 tall
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Just buy something like a used red sea max 130d or 130. It is an old aquarium but it can easily be converted to a vavarium/palladium. These tanks have a lighted hood with timer, can have a sump for eater reservoir and has starphire glass...best of all they can be bought feor free to $100 in the second hand market. They are roughly 20/24 inch cubes. Check them.out.


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I love vanzolini!
That's the first ranitomeya I fully reproduced :)
Sure a great frog!
Beautiful photos Carson! I’ll have to copy your top glass system. I’ve come to really like Exo-Terra terrariums as I’ve used them for crested geckos. The only thing really holding me back from the very big ones is that I’m (irrationally) not a fan of how heavy they can be/awkward to move. I hated needing my fiancé’s help to carry my 18x18x24!

Carson Hardy

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Thanks for all the positive responses!

I am always happy to share any more info about my journey with exo terras, although, everything is pretty much already posted here... Ahha.

Most of what you see design wise was based off of someone else's design somewhere on the interweb.

I also have a crested gecko in a non exo terra tank, 2'x2'x5'. I just fed her a cockroach! Now that is a pain in the butt tank to move..

Lloyd Gordon

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I bought a 12' x 12" x 18" glass Exo Terra terrarium. I took the two screen segments out of the top. I have some acrylic which I could cut to the right size. Is acrylic a good choice or should I get some glass cut?


I just set up my exo-terra again to use as a nursery for cuttings and divisions. It’s a pretty handy tank. It’s the 36 x 18 x 18” tank and I cut some glass to replace the top screen. Works well and is short enough that the plants still get decent lighting.