Drosera rotundifolia Pinkish flower?


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So I been dying to catch this seed grown Drosera rotundifolia with an open flower but work has kept me away. Has anyone seen a pinkish one before? As far as I know all Drosera rotundifolia have white flowers. All it’s physical characteristics are rotundifolia but I do grow a lot of other sundews it’s possible it’s hybridized with another? I will keep trying to catch it with an open flower it likely will put up a second flower stalk soon.




For comparison here’s a standard white flower.
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It would be nice to see the open flower. They usually close after noon. Unfortunately they are not easy to photograph. Try to press the flower against some white paper as a background.

D.rotundifolia can hybridise with D.spatulata in Japan and the cross can have pink flowers.

However, pinkish flowered, pure D.rotundifolia have also been found in Southern Japan. They are said to have redder leaves as well, but the flower colour may not be stable in cultivation. I have seen a lot of D.rotundifolia flowers, but I have not yet come across a pink one myself.
Take some leaf cuttings to get more plants and check how reliable the flower colour is.


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Got the wife to take a picture of the pinkish flower today

Here it is beside a regular D. rotundifolia not super pink but very noticeable in person
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