Drosera capensis "Red Form"

From my research, Drosera Capensis is quite common, (though the red form less so) so I figured I'd try my luck on this forum. I know Willy will have one available come August, and I can get one from Brad's Greenhouse, but the shipping cost is so horrendous when one lives far from BC. I live in Ottawa. Anyone live in Ontario or Quebec who might be willing to sell?

Lloyd Gordon

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If it's a small plant, it can be mailed in a bubble envelope for $3 or less anywhere in Canada.
What is the difference between mini red and the red? Is it just smaller? I read somewhere that they grow slower - I kind of want to see the capensis I buy eventually grow a woody stalk, so a faster growing one seems better to me. I think the idea of a carnivorous palm tree very cool


The mini does grow slower. I've had mine since last fall and it doesn't have a palm tree stalk yet. My original sundew has a 1 inch stalk


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This is my oldest D. capensis "mini red", it is about 4 years old now, grown from seeds. It does get more red under intensive lighting. It is much smaller than regular D. capensis, and growing slower too.