Does anyone know how the B-52 VFT came about?


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Question in title.^
I know it was produced by Henning Von Schmeling
But did he have to pollinate two different types of Cultivars together to create it?
Or did he have to do anything in TC to induce its large traps?
Or did he just have a wild cultivar and mass produced it through TC to preserve the large traps?

EDIT: Found My Answer! Thanks @WillyCKH :)
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Thanks for sharing what you found out, Jonathan.
It is interesting because this is very different from the history that has been published by Bailey and McPherson (2012). They claim "A1", "A2" through "A7" were named ordered by size, "A1" being the largest, later being renamed and registered as 'B52'. They even claim "Contrary to recent publications, the "B" in B52 does not denote the second generation"" Now all this appears to be incorrect.
B52 is certainly a popular cultivar nowadays, while "A2" and "Carolina Giant" are rather uncommon in collections. Not sure if any of the others are still being cultivated.
Unfortunately few named VFTs come with a pedigree. There are a few dedicated breeders, but many VFTs with a name were just picked from shelves of mass produced VFTs (like in Dutch nurseries or in garden centres) or found among promising seedlings from mixed/open pollinations.