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Hope it ran well according to design. I like that you're able to view your plants from the front like a vivarium. I was looking into making an acrylic container of some kind to house some of my plants. Mainly to maintain decent humidity levels but still keeping it little to no tech.


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First run was a success!
The thermostat timer is a little bit of a pain in the ass because it doesn't know what time it is.
So I have to program it with: Designate 3 time periods, set first period = 12 hours @ 27º>>set second period = 4 hours @ 17º and so on.
Anyway, I think it worked. At lights out, it goes down to 17º for 4 hours, then 13º until 6am. Then lights turn on at 8am (and max temp is set to 27)
Maybe in future I will add more timer settings and make it cool down more gradually but this will do for now.

I was actually looking around at wine coolers when I found this unit. I still have a wine cooler that I picked up real cheap that might get repurposed as an ultrahighland chamber (I dont drink so its not going to chill wine, whatever it does :p)


That is incredible man. I think you should now have everything to grow some amazing and rare highland/UHL plants. I wish I had one like that man. haha. :D So cool. Looking forward to seeing how you fill it with more neps. :)


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It is running great! the only thing is the condensation.
I bought a product that claims to be a superhydrophobic coating but it doesnt really do anything
I am going to add more fans in and try to position them pointing at the glass to see if that helps.
Other than that, some plants that werent doing anything before, like my singalana x hamata have started to really take off! it is working on 2 pitchers at once now after not doing anything for a couple months.
I removed the humidifier that was in there and installed one of those reptile enclosure style humidifiers with the long hose so that I am not wasting grow space (also i got my order of nepenthes from Brad so I needed the space!)
Sorry about the black bars on the nepenthes side of the cooler. The lights dim by causing a really fast flicker and with the rolling shutter it ends up making dark bars in the photos

And obviously I still need to work out some minor wire routing issues :p
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