Display Cooler

Hey people, There was a good bit of interest in this display cooler so I figured I would post my progress as I go.
So here is the display cooler when I just got it in the door

I pulled the mirrored plastic panels off the insides and the wood looked like this behind

not the worst, but it definitely needed a good sanding. I also removed all the glue and reflective stuff from the plastic panels, sanded both sides so that glue and primer will stick to them and then used PL9000 and clamps to stick them back on

So now I am just waiting for that panel to set. after that, I am going to use PL9000 to seal up all the edges and anywhere that water can get through.
Then I will scuff the floor with sandpaper and coat the entire inside of it with Kilz primer (and then probably sleep in a different room that night)
Question for anyone who knows about these things:
There is a built in 3 foot long T8 fixture in there but those are obsolete and it is tough to find an LED conversion bulb in that size; is it possible to just switch it out for a T5 fixture and leave all the other wiring intact? or is it more complicated than that?
Thats a good point; it's probably easier to just remove the T8 ballast and associated wiring and just install a 3 foot long T5 "all in one" light
Did a good bit of work on the cooler today.
The entire top panel had to come out because it was rotted right through so my friend and I rebuilt that with fresh wood and a good waterproof laminate on the inside.
Just chiseling out any rotten plywood and letting it completely dry before putting it all back together

Mycology enthusiast?
Once I get all my plant projects in order, I want to build a laminar flow hood and get back into growing mushrooms!
I dabbled a while ago and grew oyster mushrooms, lions mane, shiitake and *others* but I gave up a lot of my mushroom stuff last time i moved.
Cool, I think a lot of the procedures are the same.

Also I am looking for a second opinion here, please anyone weigh in if you have an idea:
For the 'floor' of the cooler, I was thinking about cutting some pond liner and pressing that in so that theres a bit of a lip that comes up all the way around to catch any water. Then, I am thinking of putting a layer of that egg crating material they use for ceiling lights.
Does this sound like a good idea or is there a better way of doing this?
Alright so I have all the pieces rebuilt that needed rebuilding and I am putting the thing back together.
I put a beam across the top and zap strapped the radiator to it so that i could remove the wood support.
I cut the egg crating down to the right size and folded the pond liner around it to lower it in more easily but I could use some advice.
Should I use glue or caulking or something to stick it in around the lower edges?
I am thinking that for the outer edges of the pond liner I am going to seal them off with Gorilla Tape. Will that be enough?
You can also see where I put some rigid styrofoam in at the front and back so that water doesnt run out once the pond liner is installed