Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap Book.

Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap Was wondering if anyone bought this book that was written back in 2012 by Tim Bailey. If, so, is it worth buying?

Lloyd Gordon

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Don't think anyone has discussed this book. Generally people like the books from that publisher. Might be pricey now.


The book is nice to have, but not a must have: the design is good, the pictures are showy, the text on the natural history of the "tipitiwitched" is the best part. Of course a book on just a single species with over 440 pages can become a bit lengthy. The how to grow part is similar to most other CP books, the cultivars chapter takes up a lot of room and is in parts repetitive. Since 2012 many more cultivars popped up, so it is certainly not up to date. It is still on sale in the UK for 30 GBP (www.nhbs.com/dionaea-the-venuss-flytrap-book).
It is a remake of the older book of Bailey from 2008 with 279 pages (Trafford Pub., Victoria, BC) where most of the historic texts were already presented.
thx a bunch for the info. I guess, would be nice if the author updates the new cultivars on a website or something like that.


Just look here for more up to date lists and pics:
ICPN for registered cultivars & cpphotofinder for all kind of names.
There is still a lot of VFT breeding and selling going on and people keep inventing names without registering.