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Hello everyone,

I have made this section strictly for raising money to support the CPSC. There are many ways you can contribute and all are 100% voluntary. At no point do you ever have to contribute and for many just posting on this forum is contribution enough! If you feel you would like to support the forum in other ways here is a list of ways you can do so.

1. Donate money directly - At any time you can send money via PayPal to canadiancarnivorousplants@gmail.com if you don't use PayPal, cash or cheque can be sent, please PM me for the address.

2. Donate Plants - This can be done two ways, auctions or sales. Under this section you can start an auction or sale and 100% of the proceeds will go to the CPSC. When starting an auction or sale please state whether the shipper or the buyer will pay for shipping. Payments can be made to the buyer who will then forward it to the CPSC or payments can be made directly to the CPSC and the sender will be notified of payment. Time of auction, increments, and other rules are up to the sender.

3. Send seeds to the CPSC - Proceeds of the seed bank will go to the CPSC.

4. Post! - Posting on this forum keeps things active! Buying plants in this auction and sales section helps just as much as donating plants. Keep posting pictures and share this with other growers that might want to be a part of our community.

There will be a thread to keep track of all finances, it will be public and 100% transparent. In the event that the CPSC raises more money then needed for the next financial year, we will hold a vote on what carnivorous plants conservation project we will donate to.

Any questions can be posted in this thread
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