CPSC Calendar 2021 (order now!)


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Start your year fresh with a CPSC Calendar 2021! Featuring 13 voted winners from Plant of the Month 2020, this desk calendar is great at home or in the office.

50% profit from the sales of CPSC Calendar 2021 will be donated to CPSC.
Due to shipping delay, we are expecting the Calendars to be ready for shipping in 2-4 weeks.

You may pre-order your copy now via this link: LINK

PS: Great thanks to everyone who voted and participated in the photo contests!
Members who have won any of the photo contests for Plant of the Month 2020, will be contacted with a 50%-off coupon as an encouragement.


the Calendar 2020 thread
Here's a video of me flipping over the calendar 2020.
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Haha, I really should! It's a 12x12x18 Exo-Terra and the lighting is pretty good for Nepenthes. Maybe I'll move some things around and get my burkei x veitchii in there.
NEPENTHES LOVE TERRIA! Mine are going nuts lol. I can recommend a fantastic little species that grows really well in terria!

NEPENTHES glabrata :)
Good to know!! I’ve been reading your terrarium updates. I also have a 12x10x20 that I might use for Nepenthes or other plants, still not sure of my plans.