CPs at Phoenix Perennials in BC

Hi BC collectors, I plan to thin out my collection later next month, and will trade/ sell a bunch. If you're interested, please PM me. I've mostly Sarracenias and droseras... nothing fancy, most of them will be divisions from old plants that have been growing here in my collection (Vancouver/ Tofino) for the past 40+ years.
Sorry, local transactions only (too much effort to ship them out). Thanks
I sent you a private message. Thanks


Phoenix Perennials has a lot of rare, hybrid sarracenias, if you ask the staff to look at their selection. I divided them all last year from their stock plants and they include hybrids with 'Hummers Hammerhead', 'Willow's Creek', and many more!


As a former employee of Phoenix Perennials, I've been vacillating on what I should comment here. In light of recent events, I think it should be known that I've witnessed horrendous acts of bigotry and racism. This includes one coworker using the N word and using a derogatory word for Jewish people (the one beginning with k). Another coworker referred to our indigenous community members as "all drunks" and when referring to how all hydrangeas look the same to him, said that it was like the drivers in Richmond, BC. When I brought this information to the owner, he stood behind his senior staff and told me that, as a white person, the N word is appropriate to say in certain circumstances. I was later fired for not getting along with my co-workers. I'm sorry to be so negative in this space, but I can no longer bite my tongue on the matter.


Thanks everyone... sorry for the tardy replies to everyone who wrote that they're interested in my plant trades. I had a health emergency to attend to. I'll respond back to all the PMs.
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I was at Art's Nursery (192 St in Surrey/Port Kells) today. They have a small shipment of Sarracenias from Hawaiian Botanicals.

They look sad because they bloomed weeks ago and are going to seed and they're tall. Dividing tall plants has resulted in collapsed pitchers.

THAT BEING SAID, they look like they can be worked with. I bought an alata x minor. There are a bunch of flavas, at least one alata and one alata var. atropurpurea left. There were a a couple without labels I thought looked like smaller flavas. And they're cheap.

They also have typical VFTs and sundews (spoon-leaved, I think) in their tropicals section.

Have fun!



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a new shop opened up in Sidney that sells tropical plants and they have nepenthes. Currently just ventrata but he said he has plans to get different species/hybrids as his business grows.
Dutch Green Design on Beacon Ave


I think the prices are more or less comparable to BGH. At least there's another option now.