CP for classroom "pet"!

Hi everyone!

I am a teacher in Victoria and I have a super keen, eager-to-learn class this year.
I have a small budget for moss and terrarium from my class but any donation will be greatly appreciated.

I was wondering if any of you would have either CPs or seeds to give away. It could totally become a science research project.
It could be as a classroom pet or if I have enough, gifts for the kids at Christmas :)

No pressure though, I just thought I would ask!


Nathanaël Lisimaque
Grade 4-5 teacher
Victor Brodeur
Victoria (Esquimalt) BC


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Welcome! I have a bunch of different sundews I can donate. About five different full size and at least enough small ones that every student that wants one to take home can. Do you have the terrarium set up ready to go?


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Good morning Steve!
Thank you for responding :)
No I don't yet have a terrarium ready to go but can get on it very soon.
I have done it in the past but need to start from scratch this time around.
This is very generous! Thank you.


Great offer from Carson.

If you have a sunny window, I would go with a Nepenthes Miranda. It is really easy to grow, resistant and does nice big pitchers. You could put it in a big pot without drainages holes. That way, it would remains moist all along Christmas hollidays. You can also cut the vine to propagate it ... My first CP and it is really doing well after 10 years of carelessness.

You can probably get one from Willy's store in BC. Shipping from Quebec City cost a lot even if I give you the plant.
Hi Shoggohts,
Thank you for the info! I have a Nepenthes Sanguinea at my house that I am hoping to do a cutting or two from to do just that.
Thanks for the tip, I'll keep my eye out for Nepenthes Miranda!
I might be able to add a terrarium to that... What size were you hoping?

I also have enough seeds to set up a 10x20 tray to send people home with baby baby plants. Deosera or flytraps.
Wow. You are all so generous... Incredible!
I would love a tank, on the smaller size, around 2 feet wide if possible. I do have some flexibility though!
I love the idea of growing dioneas from seeds in a tray. But I did not succeed last time I tried. My very limited experience showed more positive results from droseras. But it could actually be a really nice shared challenge for the kids and myself!
Let me know what I would need to get for substrate and other things for dioneas.
Thanks again!