I was at FreshCo the other day, and they only things they were sold out of were Toilet paper and chocolate milk (not even on sale!).

I don't know why, but apparently a side-effect of mass paranoia is a sudden urge for flavoured milk.


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I found chocolate oat milk on sale for $2.79 a carton and now I cant stop drinking it. Im even buying it when its not on sale...The only reason I got it was because regular choco milk was sold out.


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I am not so bad, I have my threamill with Ifit coach and I go everywhere, especially appreciate the Alpes and the Grand Canyon trail, but I also went hiking in Iceland, Pantagonia and Antartica. I have a 30 inch TV plugged to it so I can watch and fallow my coach right in front of my face while I walk, hike and run. pretty cool and kind of makes me feel as I am going outside the house for an hour or 2. The application control my threadmill for the speed an incline and if I wish I can take back control of everything and still follow the walk or run.





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You cannot control the video except for the pause and resume. They are prerecorded videos, but it's still cool and when you go up, so is the threadmill, down the is the same. The application control the machine inclination to match the video. My machine can go 15% up and -3% down, so you kind of feel that you are there and following the terrain. I have a Proform 9000 but this app work with any Ifit compatible threadmill. it's expensive, at 250$ per year membership but I got it for free one year with my machine and will continue the membership because I find it motivating.


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I was the same, lacking motivation. This is why I got the Ifit. For me it works. It is important to do exercise during this time of quarantine and doing it inside is the safest way. One thing for sure, I would never ever be able to do the Grand Canyon trail in real life, because you have to do it in a single day, no camping on the way. So with the Ifit I did the whole trail in a few days. You can do it sitting on a dunky or a horse, but it's not the same.


no solitary confinement here … I still have to go to work everyday pouring concrete … you know , got a city to build even if there will be no one around to buy these houses