Connors Terrarium GROWING.


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So I’ve had my set up going since September and some plants have done well than others especially my Nepenthes compared to the sundews and I know everyone has their ways of growing and what works best etc. I had to do a lot of digging and researching and asking the experts on the forum over last few months thank you so much (I do listen :) @WillyCKH @Lloyd Gordon @stevebradford @Carson Hardy and everyone else and get ideas and see how others grow their plants with lights and in specific indoor growing systems, I know it’s not rocket science especially if you nail the humidity, soil and light but I always tend to over think lol

I have this 20 odd gallon exo terra. And after closely watching my plants- I do feel my system needs improvement especially in the light factor - as I have 2 small LEDs from Willy & a sunblaster TH50. All together only producing around 4,000lm in the whole tank and I feel not light enough. Especially with sundews not turning red.

also I have lights siting on top of mesh which isn’t a problem but in my eyes - in order to keep some humidity in I put kitchen wrap covering whole top and lights and sides and I have nail the humidity but in ethical sense I don’t think this is good due to moister and the lights and off course the heat etc in the tanks.
my temperature reads 21C which in day factor in the 80% humidity and I have a fan circling air which i sure know the Neps love.

so I’ve decided to up the light intake and scrap the lights I have now (which I will use in summer for something)

I have ordered 6 LED strips day Light 2foot of Willy which will bring light intake up 7000/8000lm and will cover more with our mesh framing getting in the way of light process.

I then plan to put a 24x17”. glass sheet instead of the mesh later in the year (cOvid stopping that)

So I will put kitchen wrap across the whole top of tank and have the 6 LED strips on top until i can get glass sheet . This way moisture/humidity from misting won’t interfere with the fixtures. As lights will have a heat stamp it should be good on kitchen wrap for now and hopefully it will still keep humidity in the tank at 80%. I will have holes at back in kitchen wrap so that warm air can escape and great air in with fan circulating.

Hopefully this little teaks will be good...

These lights I ordered off Willy :)



Carnivorous Plant Addict
It's a good call to move the lights out of the wrap because the high humidity is not favorable for lights.
YUP! I just hope The humidity stays 80% when I put the LED strips on the the kitchen wrap covering the top!

I’m not going to tamper anything yet until the lights come :D