Connors Sundews


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Sorry was busy at work.

I also third what was said above, although I haven’t had that issue of sundews taking a break from growing yet.

Here’s a blown up shot of your sundew it looks very wet on the leaves, remember I believe leaves washed of dew too often won’t regenerate that dew. The new replacement leaves will try to dew but it looks like you still have some top watering issue to correct.
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Cheer guys.

Looks like my dews are getting the mist off my Nepenthes. I’ve got to separate sundews in one section of the terria to avoid this access mist put them with my Ceph.

I’m start to think something in soil is affecting their growth. I’m totally puzzled! It’s like they get all new growth and then leaves go brown and then they grow back again. In like matter of 2 weeks.


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Yes spraying a sundew with water may temporarily make the dew look better and stickier. That water will dissolve the sundews special glue compounds making it less sticky, less able to catch bugs. The water will soon evaporate leaving the plant to replenish its glue and is not helping the plant.
we do have live back in the dews! Bigger Spat and D. tok are no more showing signs of that wilted leave look and started to produce the tiniest amount of dew.
Only thing I change was silca sand to the media a little and i wrapped long fibre spaghnum moss around each of the roots and I don’t know but looks like LFS is playing God with the sundews.
I’m keeping eye on smaller ones but growth is back. @Lloyd Gordon @stevebradford