Carnivorous Plant Addict
oooh yes I was so determined, They are incredibly finicky and I like to get them from when they are seedlings so I know they are use to the soil mixture they’re are in as they grow it won’t be problem re-potting. Mine ones in perlite/peat mix with LFS.

I do know they need slight temperature drop at night 4 to 5 C drop.

currently in my setup I’ve got High 79/80F 25C with 80% humidity- bring that temp up air temp to around 28C.
then night time I get 20C.

I got my baby Ceph from Willy
@WillyCKH told me he keeps his Cephs all year around in similar set up to this and his Cephs without dormancy. So I’m going to follow this protocol and see if I can get it to climatise