[Closed] Pinguicula x Marciano - guess and win contest

Will water crystal works for this plant?

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Guess and Win contest - Pinguicula x Marciano vs water crystals
Hi everyone! Let's find out if water crystals work for this Pinguicula!
Disclaimer: I haven't tried this before so I don't know the answer either!

a Pinguicula x Marciano plant, size M (may not be the same plant as the experiment subject, shipping not included)

How to enter the contest:
1. vote yes if you think the plant will grow happily, or no if you think the plant will decline
2. result will be revealed in one month
3. one lucky contestant with the right answer will be randomly selected, Canadian members only!

The experiment subject, placed onto the water crystals on April 14th:


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Result of the contest:

The water crystal doesn't kill the plant, but in my opinion the plant is not very happy living on it. There is no noticeable growth of roots, and the stickiness of the leaves is gone.
So I'd like to conclude that water crystals didn't work well for this Ping!

And our winner is... @TooMuchGarlic, PM me when you'd like to claim a size M Pinguicula x Marciano! Congratulations! :)


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I vote you keep it in that mix and see how long it takes to die, for science!


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I'm going to be the experiment because the plant looks really sad and also there's no possitive progress.
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