[Closed] Carnivorsandmore Nursery Seed Group Order 2020


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Hello everyone!
I'm organizing a group order with Christian Klein (Carnivorsandmore Nursery, Germany), with seeds harvested in autumn/winter 2018.
Please find the attached PDF for price and listings.

Sign-up deadline:
Jan 16th

Estimated payment deadline:
Jan 17th

Planned order date:
Jan 18th

Group Order Limitation:
$300EUR Max

Shared items for this group order:
+ S/H, we would usually go with fastest shipping option available

Non-shared items:
+ Your ordered items
+ Currency exchange fee and paypal fee
+ Shipping cost from Willy to your Canadian address

As with any group order, there is always a chance of damage, DOA, or unexpected complications such as delay.
If you can not accept any loss or complications that could potentially happen, please do not join the group order. If you are planning to place a relatively large order and maybe it's new to you, please check out the Caveat Emptor first.

Group order perks:
+ Experienced group order organizer
+ Group message for frequent updates
+ Trade with other participants, or share portions with each other!
+ Add items from CPSC seed bank, or LGMplants.ca to combine the shipping fee! (sorry, shameless advertising!)
+ Unlock discount and potential bonus item(s)!
+ Auto-upgrade for seeds that are eligible for quantity discounts (for example, if two people order the single pack, we will combine it into the double pack with more seeds per person than two single pack).

Important notes:
+ We aim to place the order as soon as the list comes out, so the deadline is tight!
+ Participating members will share all the shipping and fees equally (from DE to CA).
+ Payment of your order value will be expected prior to fully processing the order, in CAD.
+ No cancelling once you have paid the estimated amount.
+ When submitting your list to me, please include a screenshot or detail list of your items.
+ No return, no exchange, no refund after the group order is submitted and finalized.

Payment options:
+ E-transfer/ E-interac (preferred option because it is faster!)
+ Paypal (friend option only!)

Sign-up now:
If you are interested, please:
PM Willy the list of items of your items.

Thank you! :)


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Hi everyone,
Thank you for the lists! If you haven't received my reply yet, please send me a PM.
Thank you once again!


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Group order update:
The order has a long list so it is still in process. I will create a group chat for all the participating members as soon as the order is finalized.


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Group order update:
We are still waiting for them to finish checking availability.
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Group order update:
If the order doesn't get finalized by the end of this month, we might have to consider cancelling this group order and refund everyone. It is taking much more time than I've expected.