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    Long time members often use abbreviations to save time but it can get confusing for new members. Instead of answering the same question over again or making new members Google the answer I thought it would be nice to start a thread that can gather all the abbreviations into one spot.

    I've added the first few basic ones but please comment on this thread with anything you would like added.

    AW - Andreas Wistuba, a CP nursery based out of Germany. Focusing on Nepenthes, Heliamphora and Ant Plants.

    BAP- 6-Benzylaminopurine, a synthetic cytokinin which is a plant hormone that induces cell mitosis and multiplication in plants which can encourage growth.

    BCP - Best Carnivorous Plants, a CP nursery from the Czech Republic. A variety of everything!

    BE - Borneo Exotics, a CP nursery from Ski Lanka. Tissue Culture and Seed grown Nepenthes species and hybrids.

    Ceph - Cephalotus follicularis, Albany pitcher plant.

    CP - Carnivorous Plant

    CPSC - Carnivorous Plant Society of Canada, the new name for the OCPS.

    CPUK - Carnivrous Plants United Kingdom. Mainly European growers but many other well known growers.

    CZ - CZPlants, a CP nursery from the Czech Republic, a variety of everything.

    D - Drosera, Sundew.

    EP - Exotica Plants, a CP nursery from Australia. The world leader of Nepenthes hybrids.

    GA3- Gibberellic acid (gibberellin hormone), a plant hormone that can encourage growth, break seed dormancy and make plants fruit earlier.

    HB - Hawiian Botanicals, A Canadian source for CP's, located in BC.

    Heli (H) - Heliamphora, sun/marsh pitcher plant

    HL - Highland. Refers to plants that grow at a high altitude, typically cooler growing plants. Used most often with Nepenthes.

    ICPS - International Carnivrous Plant Society. A paid society ($30 annually) with a quarterly journal, highly recommended.

    LFS - Long Fiber Sphagnum. Dried Sphagnum moss used for potting plants.

    LL - Lowland. Refers to plants that grow at low altitude, typically warmer growering plants. Used most often with Nepenthes.

    LS - Live Sphagnum, Moss that is used as a potting mix or top dressing.

    MT - Malesiana Tropicals, carnivorous plant supplier.

    NAA-1 - Naphthaleneacetic acid, a synthetic auxin which promotes rooting and possibly other growths.

    Nep (N) - Nepenthes, tropical pitcher plants.

    OCPS - Ontario Carnivrous Plant Society. Says Ontario but open to everyone. Mostly Canadian growers.

    Ping (P) - Pinguicula, Butterwort.

    PP - Predatory Plants, a US carnivorous plant supplier.

    PPM - Parts Per Million, typically used to measure how many dissolved solids are in water.

    Sarr (S) - Sarracenia, native pitcher plants.

    SASE - Self Addressed Sealed Envelope. Used to get free seeds or small plants, send an envelope with your address and paid postage to the member offering free stuff.

    SG - Seed grown, plants grown from seed as opposed to cloned tissue culture plants.

    TC - Tissue Culture, growing plants or seed in a sterile environment, also used to clone plants. The 3 main hormones that come into play for plant growth is cytokinins, gibberellins, and, auxins which essentially "tell" the plant instructions in growth.

    Utric (U) - Utricularia, Bladderwort.

    VFT - Dionaea muscipula, Venus Flytrap.
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    OP - Open pollination, letting pollination happen in a natural way, birds, bees or wind.
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    Very well done, for people who dont know the terms well , this will help a lot , there are a lot more may be look into it a bit deeper and get a permeate list for people to view and understand what as old times abbreviate a lot :)
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