Bog Substrate

Im planning a large outdoor bog next to my pond, and am looking for some input. It will be about 100-150sg ft

How deep is deep enough? 2ft? more?

100sq ft, 2 ft deep, Thats alot of peat! Alternatives? Im looking for a more cost effective way to fill the bottom half
- Cedar chip
- Hardwood Chip
- Sand
I suggest filling it with something that acts as a water reservoir. I would get a bunch of old plastic pots and drill lots of small holes in them. Connecting them all with pipe and having a way to fill them on one end of the series would be ideal. That would save on peat, re-use old pots and allow you to go longer without adding water. A friend of mine just built a bog using milk crates with window screen draped over them as the water reservoirs. So far its working great. A permeable divider of some sort to create an open water area in the middle would be neat and would allow you to grow utrics and float logs to grow all sorts of great plants like Hypericum anagalloides, Trianthes glutinosa, sphagnum, Drosera and all the other stuff that grows on logs. I plan on doing this exact project some day soon.
As for the depth I don't think it matters much. My bog barrels are only at most 12cm of peat above the reservoir pot with about 15cm of sphagnum growth on top of that. Most of what grows in bogs only has roots in the upper part of the peat anyway with many species with roots just in the white peat/sphagnum. Even the shore pines in those bogs have all their roots just under the surface.
Consensus suggests up to a foot of peat, and I guess as much resevoir as I need to fill. That's still a lot of peat haha!

Big sheets of epiweb would work to make the waterway, but there must be a cheaper alternative somewhere.. dark and porous, but firm.

And now I'll start keeping my eyes open for cheap or free milk crates, going to need allot.

I'll try and add some planning notes here when I can, but I don't see this as a project that will be done this summer. Although, I have already moved my bogs around twoce this year..

I started laying out my bog space today, I'm think of stacking some logs and running rebar through them into the ground to hold then in place.

I used cinder blocks for my pond, but the cost is pretty substantial, so I'm trying the logs for that reason. I got these logs for 5 bucks each from a local sawmill, and cinder blocks were 8? I think..

I was initially thinking of hugging the entire pond with a bog, but figured I'd start with something smaller and a little less of a pocket burner.

I'll be home for the long weekend, and hope to get some more done - stat tuned!