Blown back Ceph lids


Hey all,

I've started growing Cephalotus again after a multi-year hiatus, and while I'm pleased with how they're growing so far, the lid on my largest plant is waaay open, as if it were enjoying a ride in a convertible, or an exciting rollercoaster. Otherwise the plant seems healthy, the pitcher is producing it's own fluid and lots of nectar around the teeth. Anyone know what makes this happen?



They look happy to me too.

I notice that when they are unhappy (recently repotted) their lids close and go semi wilty. So, when they are happy they are fully blown back?
Maybe - It seems odd since they aren't utilizing the clear windows on the lid (to retain flying prey) when they're wide open like this. I've definitely had the lids close on plants that were recently transplanted (I assume to save water, since I didn't habituate them to room humidity) but these definitely seem a lot healthier than my previous attempts at growing this species so maybe that's why I've never seen them do this.


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I believe they mostly eat ants and crawling insects. It’s also likely the reason they are hairy. The hairs work as a great ladder.