Automatic Sunrise/Sunset timer


I thought I should post this here.
*Link* to Cephalotus thread, scroll down to post #6

It was a neat smart plug I found at Costco, that has automatic sunrise/sunset function.
No longer do you need to adjust your lighting timer manually, this will do it automatically!
And you get 3 for $30!

You don't have to use the app that comes with the switch, as I've found a few "Smart Home" apps that work and do the same thing.
Seems the app software is open source based so you'll find a few apps that look almost the same.


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I'm using some smartplugs off amazon and the "Smart Life" app but the app doesn't have a sunrise/set feature. Which app are you using?

I love that you can monitor energy consumption with these plugs!


I found an app called Tuyasmart.
Looks almost the same as the app that came with the plugs, but a bit more polished.
Built using the same open source software.

After you sync your plug to the app, the feature is under "Smart" and then Automation.
Add automation scenario.
Add condition - Sunrise- and choose what location you want to use.
Then choose action. Device--Smart plug--Switch--On


I added another switch I already had (also from Costco) called CE smart home. Cheap... Like 2 for $12.97 !!
The App knew it was 2.4 Ghz only, and it even found a Firmware upgrade!
And it was able to turn that into a Sunrise/Sunset plug as well.