Anyone still using T5 Lights?

Noticed someone was selling some T5 fixtures (8x and 6x 8 bulb fixtures) for cheap on the local boards and was wondering if people on this forum still use them during the winter for their tropical plants. If so, do they use a lot of energy as I see they are probably in the order of 324W and up. Also, do the bulbs last a long time?


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I prefer to go with LED lights whenever possible but I do have 1 or 2 t5 lights as supplemental lighting.
if you are looking for a new light, this is a really nice one for the price

Also, its worth noting that if you get t5 lights, you can always replace the bulbs with LED conversion bulbs when they run out of life

Carson Hardy

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My best growth has been with an led bar in the middle, straddles by two T5s. I don't plan on getting rid of my T5s anytime soon!

They can be cheap, and reliable. Although, I am trying to get more LEDs...