2021 New Year CP Resolution


I'm more of the opposite. I check up on my plants and provide them enough care then leave them alone. I find that's all they really need to thrive instead of me making unnecessary adjustments. Currently my setup for mainly Nepenthes has automated humidity control and lighting. I don't really have to do too much besides the occasional watering every 1-2 weeks or when I think the media is too dry. Fertilizing is roughly once a month or so. I am currently waiting for a misting system I ordered off from Aliexpress to arrive, then I will need to figure out how to arrange the tubing for enough water coverage. I have read the Savage Garden but I think the information feels a bit dated. I find myself reading more scientific papers or asking growers what their care is like.
yes I think The Savage Garden is a bit on the general side but it has been pretty interesting to get an overview about many plant families. Since I had the book anyway, I figured I might as well. My plants have done ok with little special attention but I feel like if I give then care more to their requirements I Might have healthier more vigorous plants. I’m sure it’s about balance, which it sounds like you have found. Thank you for your input! I do appreciate people’s insights. It helps me navigate new territory :)


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To find some:
D15 D.muscipula seed with location of Onslow Co. NC and successfully germinate/grow them

D.muscipula with location of
Carolina Beach, NC seed and successfully germinate/grow them


My resolution is to try to be on here more regularly interacting with all the wonderful folks here.

In terms of plants I want... I absolutely do not need any more plants whatsoever! I am full up and have too many to deal with as it is. I will however try to better automate my watering this year to ease my workload in caring for the plants I really love.


I refuse to make a resolution simply because people tend to not follow through with them, so in my case I will keep plugging along and hopefully grow alongside my plants as they and the advice I read in the forum here teach me new things all the time.

Happy New Year everybody

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When I was in my early 20's, I grew my Cacti & Succulents in the bathtub under fluorescent lights (Grolux?). There wasn't much room in that apartment but there was a second bathroom off my room. I think my Ariocarpus dates back to those days.


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I bought some 2x4 and made a flat surface on top of the tub. I was careful to not let any soil to fall into the tub. It actually worked pretty well... haha. The previous landlord hated us for growing carnivorous plants indoors, even though we didn't damage anything.