2'' pots in bulk.


I have been looking all over and cannot seem to find anywhere that sells those 2'' (2.5''?) pots a lot of commercial nurseries use (like the cacti often sold at Walmart). I can get 2'' net pots, but I'm looking for the square solid sided pots specifically. I've found some companies that sell the pots wholesale, but I don't have a business license to setup an account, and the suppliers on alibaba have a 50,000 moq, which I definitely don't need right now haha. Is there anywhere that sells them in smaller bulk amounts (100-500)? My local hydroponics stores only have 3.5'' that are way too deep anyways. Amazon has some, but they're not really bulk priced.
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Ive been using them for a while and they do pretty well. They arent the paper thin ones. They are more of a hard plastic.