1. Phyllostachys

    Sarracenia Neighbour!

    Yesterday while out walking the dog, I noticed someone in my neighbourhood has a collection of Sarracenia in their front yard! I wonder if the owner of this collection is on here. Does anyone recognize these as their own or know who these belong to? Located in East Vancouver
  2. xCxHxRxIxSx

    Greetings from Newmarket

    Hello, I'll start by giving a little background of my self. I am new to carnivorous plants, and well plants in general. I got into the hobby because of a couple things really. I have two aquariums with live plants and I really was captured by diversity of what's out there and how different...
  3. R

    Hello from Keswick, Ontario.

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I live in Keswick, Ontario, just north of Toronto. I have been looking to find a place semi-local to buy some starter carnivorous plants including Venus Flytraps and Sarracenias. I had a VFT a long time ago and was fascinated with it and I am thinking...
  4. ekmek

    Looking for Sarracenia Purpurea and Lowland Nepenthes.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any S. purpurea or lowland Nepenthes they were looking to part with. I'm located in NB.
  5. K

    Debating on locations for 2 Sarracenias

    Just bought two sarracenia's, an S. X Juthatip soper, and an S. minor. I got two spots available, one with better lighting and high humidity, and the other one with merely adequate lighting and humidity. Both are window spots supplemented by artificial lighting. Which one should get the prime...
  6. P

    Bog planter project that I have been wanting to put together for a while

    I bought this big plastic basin a long time ago cause i thought it would make a great bog planter. Now, I have some sarracenia coming from Brad's Greenhouse so I figured it was as good a time as any to go ahead and do it. Sure, its not the prettiest thing right now but i can cover up the pvc...
  7. ekmek

    Bog garden substrate mix?

    Hey guys, hope you are all staying healthy! I have a planter I want to try to turn into a little patio bog for S. purpurea (maybe some vft too if they're compatible soil wise :) ) and I'm just curious what you all prefer to grow them in. I've seen things suggesting everything straight peat...
  8. stevebradford

    Carnivorous plant seeds requiring stratification.

    Carnivorous plant seeds requiring cold stratification Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Drosera - angelica - arcturi - binata (not required, can increase viability of the temperate varieties) - filiformis var filiformis - intermedia - linearis - rotundifolia - stenopetala...
  9. stevebradford

    Picture of the day!

    Got a new plant? Growing something new? Is a plant flowering? Want to share an awesome picture or just want to brag! Share your pictures here, let’s see what your up to.
  10. Raymond

    Raymond's Plants 2018

    Hey O Everyone Felt like starting a thread with some photos. There is not going to be much here till later in the season as basically all my plant look toasted from winter. Everything mostly survived, but lost all the taller Sarracenia in the bog to rot. Everything was looking good until...
  11. bonfield

    Psittacina flower

    My parrots are blooming fresh out of their dormancy! The plants don't look too great yet, but here is one of the flowers!
  12. Dogrem

    Growing Sarracenia from Seed

    Good evening everyone. I will try to sow Sarracenia seeds soon, and I always wanted cold stratification to make them germinate. Like 4 weekd as shown here. But recently, I read that some sowed directly at harvest and had a good germination rate ... Just to know, which method do you use ...