1. Dogrem

    Trade or Sell N. Mirabilis

    Hi all :) My Mirabilis need a new home... like a more humid home like a greenhouse or a growing chamber. The plant is healthy but as it overgrown the jar, it's stopped pitchering. But I know that when it will be in a humid enough place, it will pitcher again as it never skipped a single pitcher...
  2. ekmek

    Looking for Sarracenia Purpurea and Lowland Nepenthes.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any S. purpurea or lowland Nepenthes they were looking to part with. I'm located in NB.
  3. ekmek

    LED Aquarium light for Nepenthes?

    Hey guys, so I have an aquarium light (SBREEF Freshwater) I don't plan to use on my tank anymore and I was wondering if it would be sufficient for nepenthes and things like Cephalotus. The light is a 165 watt RGB led light and was measured as pushing 266 PAR at 30inches from the light through...
  4. Dogrem

    Selling Nepenthes in Manitoba?

    Hi all, If anybody that live in Manitoba want to sell some Nepenthes, I might be interested :) It's kind of a long shot, but you never know! ;) Have a great day guys and stay safe.
  5. M

    INDOOR LIGHTING GUIDE: All you need to know for lighting your carnivorous plants indoors

    the info on these forums has helped me quite a bit, so I felt its time to contribute. This guide should help you in purchasing the right light for your plants. I know there is a lot of info out there about lights, but most of it is scattered about. I wanted to write this all-in-one guide for...
  6. TrEv

    Flower on a rootless nepenthes

    This nepenthes is a cutting that I've had since december. It hasn't produced any roots yet and still only has one pitcher on it. But now I think it's producing a flower. Should I be worried about the plant? Should I cut the flower?
  7. SE Greens

    Growing Nepenthes villosa

    Hello, I recently purchased a Nepenthes villosa clone two weeks ago. It seems to be doing quite well, actually much better than I expected. It gets days of 18 - 22 degrees celsius and nights of 5 - 10 degrees celsius, humidity fluctuates from 80% to near 100%. I currently have the plant in...
  8. Dogrem

    Hybrid explanation

    Hi all, I would like to know 2 things: For example in Ventricosa x Hamata, does the first indicate the female or the male? And is there a 'visible' difference between a Hamata x Ventricosa and a Ventricosa x Hamata? Or it's just the same like for colors (yellow + red, or red + yellow will...
  9. Dogrem

    Nepenthes mirabilis seedlings shape

    Hi all, I'm really surprised by the crazy wings on my N.Mirabilis seedlings... it's like there is no tendril at all. (It's the first time I grow Neps from seeds so I'm still not jaded and I continue to marvel at everything that is hehe) Compare to N.Jacque', Dubia or even Maxima, it's really...
  10. stevebradford

    Picture of the day!

    Got a new plant? Growing something new? Is a plant flowering? Want to share an awesome picture or just want to brag! Share your pictures here, let’s see what your up to.
  11. Dogrem

    mold on seedling

    Hi I sowed nepenthes seeds on sphagnum sterilized and I began to have mold (gray filaments). I probably should have disinfected them before sowing them (how?), but is it something to do now? I removed some from the Maxima, but now I see about the Veitchii ...
  12. Dogrem

    N. Truncata

    Hi I'm looking for N. Truncata, who can help me ? It could be seeds... seedlings... small plants... or cuttings. It's no specially urgent, if you tell me that you'll have seedlings to sell by fall it's fine for me. Even if you'll have TC next year! I just want to know if I'll find it here or...