1. xCxHxRxIxSx

    Wine bottle binata

    Hello, I recently made this self watering planter for my Drosera binata and wanted to show it off.
  2. S

    Drosera Oreopodion Gemmae Sale!

    My other tray of D. Oreopodion has made gemmae and they are for sale! Gemmae are modified leaves similar to seeds. They are the small, round dots in the middle of each of the sundews pictured and will, if germinated, eventually grow into the sundews pictured. For this round of sales, I have 25...
  3. Patrick S.

    ON - Algonquin Park, Grassy Bay

    Found these on a canoe trip in August. They were everywhere in Grassy Bay. Growing with Sarracenia purpurea and well as an Utricularia sp. Was very excited to have see carnivorous plants out in the wild, and in such large numbers as well. We were expecting to see S. purpurea, and the Drosera...
  4. Phyllostachys

    Wanted: Drosera and Utricularia to grow my collection

    I've recently gotten back into the CP world after a few years away and would greatly appreciate help building up a new collection. Drosera and Utricularia are some of the genera that call my attention the most and with which I have more experience. That being said I'm open to trying new plants...
  5. xCxHxRxIxSx

    Greetings from Newmarket

    Hello, I'll start by giving a little background of my self. I am new to carnivorous plants, and well plants in general. I got into the hobby because of a couple things really. I have two aquariums with live plants and I really was captured by diversity of what's out there and how different...
  6. stevebradford

    Carnivorous plant seeds requiring stratification.

    Carnivorous plant seeds requiring cold stratification Cephalotus follicularis Darlingtonia californica Drosera - angelica - arcturi - binata (not required, can increase viability of the temperate varieties) - filiformis var filiformis - intermedia - linearis - rotundifolia - stenopetala...
  7. Karin

    has it really been this long?

    i was just checking on the old forum, when i realized there was nothing newer than 2017.... bright as i am (not at 12am) , i figured out there was a new forum, so here i am. i had bought some drosera seeds a while back, and was given a couple other carnivourous seeds by members of the old...
  8. stevebradford

    Identifying Drosera rotundifolia

    Everyone on here is probably familiar with Drosera rotundifolia. For those others that end up on this site trying to identify it here are some pictures. Shape of the leaf Flower Winter dormancy
  9. stevebradford

    Picture of the day!

    Got a new plant? Growing something new? Is a plant flowering? Want to share an awesome picture or just want to brag! Share your pictures here, let’s see what your up to.
  10. stevebradford

    Wild bog’s. The search for carnivourous plants (Vancouver island and B.C.)

    Well I was doing some research the other day and realized there are carnivorous plants in my area (Vancouver Island. Bc) Drosera rotundifolia, Drosera x obvata. Drosera anglica, Pinguicula vulgaris, Utricularia minor, Utricularia gibba, Utricularia macrorhiza and Fuller’s Teasel in my area. This...
  11. Raymond

    Raymond's Plants 2018

    Hey O Everyone Felt like starting a thread with some photos. There is not going to be much here till later in the season as basically all my plant look toasted from winter. Everything mostly survived, but lost all the taller Sarracenia in the bog to rot. Everything was looking good until...