carnivorous plant

  1. stevebradford

    Soil for carnivorous plants

    Carnivorous plant soil recommendations. Cephalotus follicularis (Australian Pitcher) - silica sand or 75%, peat 25% or sphagnum 25% Darlingtonia (western North America Pitcher) - LFS 100% - LFS 50%, silica sand 50% - peat 50%, silica sand 50% - peat 50%, perlite 50% Dionaea muscipula (fly trap)...
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    Excellent beginner carnivorous plants

    These are a few of the common easiest, least challenging most tolerant of carnivorous plants. perfect for getting a new grower hooked. Drosera capensis (Sundew) Nepenthes alata (Pitcher plant)...
  3. stevebradford

    Identifying Drosera rotundifolia

    Everyone on here is probably familiar with Drosera rotundifolia. For those others that end up on this site trying to identify it here are some pictures. Shape of the leaf Flower Winter dormancy
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    Picture of the day!

    Got a new plant? Growing something new? Is a plant flowering? Want to share an awesome picture or just want to brag! Share your pictures here, let’s see what your up to.