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  1. venusflytrapman

    What plant is this?

    I went camping and found these growing right by the water. I thought they were pitcher plants at first but then noticed that they had regular leaves and a stem. Does anyone know what these are?
  2. venusflytrapman

    Identification Please

    I got some mystery seeds from @WillyCKH and was hoping someone could identify them. I know that one is a red variety of D. capensis but I don't know anything about the other ones. Thanks
  3. venusflytrapman

    Grow lights

    As you might know from previous posts, I dont know anything about growlights. I just got some and I dont know what colour setting I need, the number of hours of light needed, how close they need to be, or how bright they need to be. If you could give me any advice that would be great. I am...
  4. venusflytrapman

    Venusflytrapmans CP sale.

    Heres a couple plants for sale: D. rotundifolia 'Walford ON' flowering size-$8.00 medium-$5.00 small-$3.00 D. rotundifolia 'Walford ON' Pack of 100 plus seeds-$5.00 D. intermedia 'Walford ON' pack of 100 plus seeds-$5.00 D. capensis 'Alba' flowering size -$5.00 medium-$3.00 small-$1.00...
  5. venusflytrapman

    My Aquaponic system

    This is my little aquaponic system. I have a small sunfish in a ten gallon tank from our nearby lake, along with some various utricularia and other plants. The growbed is just an old filter with gravel and a bamboo plant. The water goes through the gravel and then goes through a bio filter just...
  6. venusflytrapman

    Voting for Fall 2018 cp art contest

    What plant should we do for our cp art contest?
  7. venusflytrapman

    Carnivorous plant art contest

    If enough people are interested I could try to arrange a monthly art contest. Each month we could pick a topic. Maybe something like POTM? When some one wins a contest they get there name in a pool, and at the end of the year theres a draw. Whoever wins the draw would win cuttings/plants from...
  8. venusflytrapman

    Are these lights bright enough?

    This is my first attempt at growing cps under lights. Does anyone know if the lights are bright enough? They are just regular terrarium lights, don't know anything about them... Any info is appreciated!
  9. venusflytrapman

    Drosera rotundifolia. Lake Lauzon Ontario.

    Found some sundews growing at the waters edge in some moss. Sorry for the pics, taken with GoPro.
  10. venusflytrapman

    Ant plants with carnivorous plants?

    I know this might seem to be a silly question, but can you grow ant plants with carnivorous plants? I have never grown them before, I am thinking of getting one. Maybe some growing instructions? Thanks:)
  11. venusflytrapman

    Praying mantis

    Does anyone keep mantids? This is my first attempt at hatching an egg case (chinese mantis eggs), wish me luck!:)
  12. venusflytrapman

    Carnivorous Plant Poll

    I was bored, just wanted to see what people think.:)
  13. venusflytrapman

    D. capensis 'Alba' seeds for sale or trade

    Super fresh seeds, just harvested today. Packs of 200+ seeds, $5 each. Also willing to trade. If interested P.M. me.
  14. venusflytrapman

    My New Cephalotus!

  15. venusflytrapman

    Hardy Plants

    Can anyone give me a list or name some plants that are hardy for my area? I was going to make a bog garden and keep them outside. I live in zone 4b and winters can get to 25- but the average temp in winter is 15-.
  16. venusflytrapman

    Growing Darlingtonia in creek?

    Hi, I just bought some darlingtonia seeds from Willy. I was wondering if once they get bigger I could grow them in a creek that's in my backyard? I think the soils mostly clay, I was wondering if they would grow if I made a little bog filled with peat. The water would flow over it. I. Kirby
  17. venusflytrapman

    VFT flowering

    Hi, I have been growing venus flytraps for a year or two and this is the first time they have flowered. I have been looking on the internet and they usualy say that unless your a pro, cut of the flower. They are pretty healthy. Any advice?
  18. venusflytrapman

    Venusflytrapmans Growlist

    Drosera Drosera capensis 'Alba' Drosera capensis Drosera rotundifolia 'Walford ON' Drosera intermedia 'Walford ON' Dionaea Dionaea muscipula 'typical' Cephalotus Cephalotus fulicularis 'typical' Sarracenia Sarracenia purpurea 'fat chance' Sarracenia alata Pingcuicula Pinguicula esseriana
  19. venusflytrapman

    Capensis is flowering!

    My sundew is forming a flower, do they self pollinate? Here's a picture. If it produces any seeds I am willing to sell or trade them.
  20. venusflytrapman

    Succulents and Christmas cacti for sale or trade for other plants

    (All prices exclude shipping, which will be estimated after I know what you would like to purchase) Echeveria "Black Prince" 5$ Picture of a MATURE plant Actual size of plants Christmas Cactus 5$ Picture of MATURE plant Actual size of plants If you are interested please contact me at...