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  1. Pleurophile33

    CP media: do different genera require diff media?

    This question is coming from my experience in the orchid world, where some orchids are epiphytes and grow best in sphagnum moss where others are terrestrial and grow best in potting soil. Is this true of the CP genera as well? Do some grow better in one or the other or is there more...
  2. Pleurophile33

    Cooling with aquarium chiller and radiator/fan

    Hey @Avery , I was following you over on Spectacular photos and even better culturing techniques! Is there anyway you can direct me to a thread on this forum (or another one) where you talk about your use of several radiators inline to chill your terrarium? Did you...
  3. Pleurophile33

    Neighbor to the south

    Hi all, I want to start out by saying that my main motivation for joining this forum is to learn how to better design and set up a terrarium. My first love has always been orchids. However, just scrolling through a few of these threads, I have discovered some of the strangest and most...