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  1. steve booth

    Outdoor Bogs in the UK

    Here’s a shot across some of the bogs earlier this morning. The unseasonably sauuny and dry period we are having and is set to continue for another week or so, whilst creating water collection and storage problems, (my RO machine is working overtime) has given a bonus of some more intense...
  2. steve booth

    'Peaches' x flava

    This is a seed grown S. X exornata 'Peaches' x S. flava atropurpurea ex Donald Schnell, planted December 2012 with seed sourced from Insektenfang. It's growing outside in a bucket bog and hasn't had the best of conditions so far but it shows some promise so I shall pamper it and some of its...
  3. steve booth

    Outdoor VFTs UK

    As some of you are aware I grow most of my plants outside in bogs in the UK and one of the frequent questions is can VFTs be grown outside? I have grown them outdoors for 10+ years and whilst they are slow to wake up and only really get going late in the season, they survive perfectly well...
  4. steve booth

    Well hello

    Hi all Isn't this a nice forum layout, im looking forward to meeting friends old and new and seeing a more colourful and dynamic forum. Well done to all who had a hand in setting this up!!! Cheers Steve