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  1. WillyCKH

    Voting for Plant of the Month, October 2019

    Orobanche californica - @Lloyd Gordon Nepenthes rafflesiana - @Dogrem Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor - @WillyCKH Drosera falconeri - @StickyIcky Pinguicula dertosensis {Hoz de Beteta, Spain} - @cpgeek
  2. WillyCKH

    Plant of the Month, November 2019

    Nepenthes mirabilis x rafflesiana
  3. WillyCKH

    Plant of the Month, November 2019

    Thanks, @Dogrem. It has been really busy at work lately... o_O
  4. WillyCKH

    Willy's sundews

    Drosera derbyensis Drosera spatulata var. Bakoensis {Bako National Park in Sarawak, Borneo} Drosera x 'Andromeda'
  5. WillyCKH


    It looks ready. From my experience, you would want to open up the fruit carefully and take out the seeds (brown) and clean away the sweet parts (yes it tastes sweet!... at least for the berries I tried :p). This will prevent mold/ fungus developing on your seeds. Sow the seeds on top of sphagnum...
  6. WillyCKH

    It's been a while...

    It's very dreamy, I like it!
  7. WillyCKH

    Photos of CP seeds

    Thanks for your kind donations for making this happen! :)
  8. WillyCKH

    Willy's TC Journey

    Long weekend = finally some times to work on TC! :) Cephalotus culture is growing well! Drosera regia seeds have germinated! Drosera natalensis from seeds
  9. WillyCKH

    Photos of CP seeds

    Utricularia menziesii seeds (from @John Yates) Drosera rupicola seeds (from @John Yates), are surprisingly large comparing to most other Drosera seeds.
  10. WillyCKH

    Nepenthes soil mix?

    Like this one? :)
  11. WillyCKH

    Nepenthes soil mix?

    Are those Nepenthes madagascariensis? I'm always fascinated by them living in Africa.
  12. WillyCKH

    Is it illegal to harvest Carnivorous Plants here?

    Take photos and leave the plants alone. :)
  13. WillyCKH

    Willy's Pings

    Pinguicula moctezumae x rotundiflora
  14. WillyCKH

    Hello from Ontario

    Welcome, David! :)
  15. WillyCKH

    Willy's TC Journey

    Trying active carbon recipe recommended by @John Yates , hopefully it will work fine for me! Drosera hamiltonii culture got a split, I cut up the roots to hope for more plants growing from them.
  16. WillyCKH

    Nepenthes soil mix?

    I find that most of my Nepenthes do well in LFS mixed with perlite. Some of the easier species are not picky at all, they would grow well in peat mix and LFS. The temperature and humidity could be more important to Nepenthes.
  17. WillyCKH

    D.Capillaris babies may have died?

    Most sundew can tolerate "too wet" but not too dry; think about bogs, when it rains heavily, plants get submerged temporarily without problems . Quick decrease in humidity and soil moisture will lead to serious setbacks or even deaths. :(
  18. WillyCKH

    VFT seeds germination temp

    Yep, it's pretty much good for most CP seeds.
  19. WillyCKH

    VFT seeds germination temp

    20-25C would be a good temperature range for germinating seeds.
  20. WillyCKH

    Willy's TC Journey

    Drosera regia with its tuber-like thingy