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  1. Yukondave

    Dracula vampira

    I was told this is one of the most difficult species of the genera to grow. Not sure what I'm doing right but this is the first of five flower spikes to open on this plant.
  2. Yukondave

    C. follicularis “German Giant”

    My first successful Ceph. propagation via leaf pulling, not sure why I have so much trouble with these. I actually found this in a pot of H. minor while I was trimming back the moss growth. I'd forgotten about it, maybe that's the key.
  3. Yukondave

    S. purpurea "Oliphant Fen Bruce Co"

    Thanks to @FlyTrapKing for the seeds, I finally took them out of the fridge and got them going.
  4. Yukondave


    I forgot these were out in my unheated porch last week during the deepfreeze. The media in the pots was frozen solid. They're inside now so I'll have to wait and see if they survive. Those are various Pings in the back pot.
  5. Yukondave

    S. leucophylla

    Thought I'd get some pictures before things go dormant.
  6. Yukondave

    H. nutans flowering

    My first Heli flower EVER!
  7. Yukondave

    P. cyclosecta

    A recent purchase from BCP. Pinguicula cyclosecta.
  8. Yukondave

    U. calycifida

    So I was going through some pots I sowed seeds in this past winter and noticed a few seedlings popping up. Can any utric experts out there verify this is U. calycifida and not some random plant?
  9. Yukondave

    Danby Fresh Home Herb Grower

    I was at Costco last night and saw one of these units and the first thing that occurred to me is "cool, a self contained highland terrarium". I was very close to buying one (they are $100 cheaper in the store) but I walked away so I could research it a bit. I can not seem to find out if it is...
  10. Yukondave

    My only Sarracenia flower

    My outdoor bog was really slow to come out of dormancy, this is he only plant that flowered. S. oreophila x leucophylla
  11. Yukondave

    Mini Bog Greenhouse

    I found these mesh pots that will fit perfectly into an Ikea Socker mini greenhouse. I potted up a bunch of seedlings, removed the two top pieces of lexan and lined it with heavy plastic. I will place it outside once I figure out a safe spot for it away from marauding squirrels and chipmunks.
  12. Yukondave

    Utricularia alpina

    My first ever flower from a Utricularia.
  13. Yukondave

    My Dracula Den

    A while back I bought 6 Dracula orchids in a group buy through our local orchid society: Dracula janetiae Dracula mopsus Dracula rezekiana Dracula soennemarkii Dracula vampira Dracula vespertilio I have been searching for some time for a suitable terrarium and after chasing 5 different people...
  14. Yukondave

    Masdevallia striatella

    My raffle prize from the COOS meeting last night, a cute little Masdevallia striatella. My second Masdevallia.
  15. Yukondave

    Patio Bogs

    Last year I made a couple of patio bogs, one for seedlings and one for larger plants. Here is the photo. I made some changes to the larger one, opening the hole with a jigsaw to add a bit more space. I also built a table with some left over lumber to bring it up for a better viewing...
  16. Yukondave

    Scaphyglottis violacea blooming

    I just realized my Scaphyglottis violacea is blooming and may have been for a week or two. Sorry about the photos but the blooms are about a millimeter across.
  17. Yukondave

    Random Drosera

    Here's a couple of random sundew that appeared in a pot of H. minor inside a closed terrarium.
  18. Yukondave

    VFT seedlings coming to life

    Here's a few seedlings coming out of dormancy.
  19. Yukondave

    Sarracenia seedlings

    It looks like the mixed Sarracenia seedlings I have in the basement are coming out of dormancy and sending out some new growth.
  20. Yukondave

    London Orchid Show

    So I decided this morning to drive to London to the show. Lots of greats orchids and a few vendors. I picked up a couple of Cypripediums and a Masdevallia weberbaueri x imposter.