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  1. WillyCKH

    Willy's TC Journey

    It's difficult to sterilize pullings because even the tiniest bug on it would cause contamination. :(
  2. WillyCKH

    Dennis' TC Pictures

    1/2MS or 1/3MS, I forgot. the VFT recipe has PGR in it and I guess that's why yours is forming callus. :)
  3. WillyCKH

    Dennis' TC Pictures

    This is the furthest I have been with Droso, it died because I didn't get to re-plate it soon enough.
  4. WillyCKH

    Dennis' TC Pictures

    Is this Droso?
  5. WillyCKH

    Inkbird sensors

    Yea, don't settle for less. Bluetooth devices need to be connected manually each time you want to check; though it is already more convenient than the micro SD card ones...
  6. WillyCKH

    Inkbird sensors

    Hobo sensor is not a very good name. haha. Specs look really nice though! :)
  7. WillyCKH

    Willy's Heliamphora

    They definitely like a lighter mix. I use LFS + perlite for the adults. :)
  8. WillyCKH

    Willy's Heliamphora

    Heliamphora minor, size M
  9. WillyCKH

    Hi from Quebec city

    Welcome to CPSC! :D
  10. WillyCKH

    Willy's Pings

    We shall find out :)
  11. WillyCKH

    Photos of CP seeds

    Drosera spatulata "Mini" seed
  12. WillyCKH

    Willy's Pings

    Price Auto, they need to be triple washed though!
  13. WillyCKH

    Willy's Pings

    Some cool pings here... I think I might keep posting the new Ping photos until I finish constructing the spring sale list. :) The substrate is glass beads. I'm still testing it, but I think it works pretty well. Size reference: XS=seedling | S=young plant | M=semi-adult | L=adult plant capable...
  14. WillyCKH

    Sarracenia seedlings

    Very nice growth! This reminds me that I have a lot of Sarracenia seeds that need to be started!
  15. WillyCKH

    Photos of CP seeds

    Drosera anglica seed
  16. WillyCKH

    Utricularia longifolia

    Utricularia longifolia is a large perennial carnivorous plant that belongs to the genus Utricularia, from Brazil. It has a special spot in my heart because I love adaptive plants... and this Utricularia grows well both as terrestrial AND epiphytic AND semi-aquatic! o_O The flower is relatively...
  17. WillyCKH

    Picture of the day!

    A closer look at Drosera capensis "Mini Red"... I think it would look good as a wall canvas art. :)
  18. WillyCKH

    Drosera adelae

    Here's my tray of D. adelae, the flower color is red. It is probably one of the most prolific sundew I have in my collection! They grow well under shaded lighting, though they can become red under intensive lighting. A very adaptive sundew in my opinion.
  19. WillyCKH

    Forum Update!

    I believe that PMs photo option is disabled for security reasons and also to prevent abusive uploads. Is that correct, @H2O?
  20. WillyCKH

    Pinguicula x Marciano - guess and win contest

    Guess and Win contest - Pinguicula x Marciano vs water crystals Hi everyone! Let's find out if water crystals work for this Pinguicula! Disclaimer: I haven't tried this before so I don't know the answer either! Prize: a Pinguicula x Marciano plant, size M (may not be the same plant as the...