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  1. Stanley

    Ant plants (molenena primuliflora) not producing leaves

    My ant plants decided in the last few months to stop producing leaves. Each plant only has 1 or 2 leaves on it and they only grow to mid-size before dropping off. I keep them under a 1020 dome so there's adequate humidity. The media is also kept damp but not soaking wet. I feed every 2-4 weeks...
  2. Stanley

    Newest ping set up

    I can't for the life of me keep pings alive. The only species thriving in my collection is P. primuliflora. I got these guys from a random nursery. Not sure of the species but I think it's pretty common. They started out doing okay but seems to have gone into hibernation with all these...
  3. Stanley

    N. bicalcarata

    This has quickly become one of my favourite neps in my collection. I got it last year in the BCP group order and it has grown very well for me.
  4. Stanley

    U. nephrophylla flower (and fail)

    My U. nephrophylla flowered! I snapped these pics then accidentally ripped the flower off a couple minutes later :( But like my wife said, at least I got to see it.
  5. Stanley

    Bulbophyllum sanguineopunctatum

    Here is my B. sanguineopunctatum. I've had this plant since ~2014 and it's grown marvelously for me. It's flowered consistently for me once or twice a year. I divided the plant into 3 last year - this is just one portion of it.
  6. Stanley

    Nepenthes veitchii x eymae

    Got this plant from Pascal last year and its first pitcher opened up! Currently growing in highland/intermediate conditions (20C/10C, 85-95%RH). I reaaaaaaaally need to install my mylar film in my chamber............
  7. Stanley

    2019 Spring is here!

    Did you guys move your plants outside yet? I just transferred all my sarrs/VFTs from the garage to the backyard on Saturday and trimmed off a tonnnnn of old/dead pitchers. It looks like I lost my B-52 VFT :( but also saw some new growth on a few plants. A mistake I made last winter was not...
  8. Stanley

    Stan's Monolena primuliflora

    Going to start a new thread about my blossoms since the other one was in the buy/sell section. These are my M. primuliflora in bloom and what I hope to be seed pods:
  9. Stanley

    Toilet nepenthes

    What are your favourite toilet nepenthes? Species that look like a toilet or act like a toilet all qualify! I just received N. ephippiata from @Labine . This species (along with a few others like N. raja) share a mutualistic relationship with the tree shrew. The plant exudes a sweet substance...
  10. Stanley

    Shipping in extreme weather

    Hey all, what are your thoughts on shipping cross Canada in extreme temperatures? I was looking at getting some intermediate/highland plants shipped across the country. How worried do I need to be with the hot temperatures? Should I just wait until Autumn?
  11. Stanley

    Hoya imbricata

    This one's a little different from the typical ant plants shared here: Hoya imbricata. This Hoya is epiphytic and grows by sending vines/leaves up tree trunks/branches. The leaves cup onto the tree surface to create cavities that are used by ants as homes. The ant waste feeds the plant and the...
  12. Stanley

    Variegated CPs

    Does anyone have any variegated CPs? I saw photos of variegated neps online and they look awesome.
  13. Stanley

    Drosera flower stalks

    Some of my drosera have been shooting up flower stalks so I wanted to share. D. oreopodion from @craigam . From planting gemmae to flower stalk in just over a month! Grown in intermediate conditions. D. tokaiensis. Sown in Dec2017 and grown in lowland conditions
  14. Stanley

    Black spots on H. heterodoxa x minor

    My H. heterodox x minor is developing some black spots on a couple of the older pitchers. Does anyone know what's causing this? None of the newer pitchers have any spotting. Conditions: Day: 20-24C/80-85%RH Night: 10-16C/90-99%RH Lights: ~33,000 lumens @ 3500k/4000k from ~10" away Airflow: 2x...
  15. Stanley

    Humber Nurseries spring 2018

    Not sure if this info is valuable to anyone but Humber Nurseries has the following in stock: S. x 'Scarlet Belle' S. x 'Dana's Delight' S. x carolina 'Yellow Jacket'
  16. Stanley

    Stanley's Photos

    Here is one of my "lowland" trays that's actually just a mix of temperate and lowland stuff. The Drosera will eventually get their own tray as will the sarr and VFT. There's actually an orchid in here too in the back right corner - a Bulbophyllum sanguineopunctatum.
  17. Stanley

    Beneficial organisms

    Has anyone tried using predatory mites/beneficial organisms to control pests? When we kept reptiles, tarantulas, and dart frogs, we had a horrible grain mite infestation in our fruit fly cultures, cricket tubs, and tarantula enclosures. Insecticides were obviously out of the question so we used...
  18. Stanley

    ID please

    I got this ping without a tag. No idea what it is but since it's flowering, now is probably a good time to ask
  19. Stanley

    Stanley's Cephs

    Just wanted to show off my newest Cephalotus! I think it's stunning.
  20. Stanley

    Sarracenia 'Carolina Yellow Jacket' Then and Now

    I got this one March 31, 2018. It came in a little 2" pot and was sitting in a shady spot at Crystal Star nursery: This is one month later (April 28, 2018). It's put on a lot of colour and has thrown up many more pitchers. I took this pic when I repotted it out of the tiny 2" pot and into a...