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  1. Stanley

    Ant plants (molenena primuliflora) not producing leaves

    I'll try keeping mine more wet. Just added water to the trays and crossing my fingers!
  2. Stanley

    Ant plants (molenena primuliflora) not producing leaves

    My ant plants decided in the last few months to stop producing leaves. Each plant only has 1 or 2 leaves on it and they only grow to mid-size before dropping off. I keep them under a 1020 dome so there's adequate humidity. The media is also kept damp but not soaking wet. I feed every 2-4 weeks...
  3. Stanley

    Looking for feedback for LED

    Yeah, it seems a lot of people on the cannabis growing forums are switching to daylight LED strips/COBs. 4000k is a sweet spot for both vegetative growth and flowering.
  4. Stanley

    Sarracenia seedlings

    @daniella3d you are the sarr queen haha my babies are still tiny tiny little things despite growing for about a year. I have them ~4" under two T5HO's and they're still tiny. I really need to feed them more...
  5. Stanley

    Looking for feedback for LED

    While blurple lights are great for plants, they severely hindered my enjoyment of the plants so I went with daylight LEDs. Get some good 3500-5000k LED lights and both you and your plants will be happy. You can buy a pre-made light or build your own. There are a ton of plans/guides on...
  6. Stanley

    Automatic Sunrise/Sunset timer

    I'm using some smartplugs off amazon and the "Smart Life" app but the app doesn't have a sunrise/set feature. Which app are you using? I love that you can monitor energy consumption with these plugs!
  7. Stanley


    Came back from Alberta a couple weeks ago. On the trail back from the top of Devil's Thumb about Lake Louise:
  8. Stanley

    Hoyas and philodendron

    Crystal star orchids has imbricata available for $15
  9. Stanley

    Ant ferns

    I'm interested! Can you send me an availability/price list?
  10. Stanley

    LED lighting (4000k)

    4000k is perfect in my opinion if you're going to go with a single wavelength. In fact, if you look at most LED spectrum graphs, 4000k actually covers the full spectrum a little better than 5000k or 3500k. I personally use an assortment of 4000k-only lights as well as 3500+5000 lights.
  11. Stanley

    3 in 1 small Pot Nepenthes Sanguinea

    You can try removing all the media to see if they can be teased apart. that would be the ideal situation. In my experience, if they are growing very tightly together, they might be difficult to split apart. If the younger plants are offshoots, they may not have a strong root system yet and it...
  12. Stanley

    Sarracenia seedlings

    Found the recipe! Will have to give it a try. I'm also getting some (systemic?) pesticides from Willy as well so I feel well armed against these guys.
  13. Stanley

    Tap water?

    Getting a TDS meter is almost essential if you're unsure of your local tap water TDS levels. For the time being, I would stick with buying jugs of distilled water. I ended up investing in a RO/DI system as buying jugs and jugs of water became really impractical.
  14. Stanley

    Looking for Superweapon to end the war

    Can anyone suggest an insecticide against thrips for helis? I have some End-All but didn't see anyone mention using it on their helis.
  15. Stanley

    Sarracenia seedlings

    I have a pocket microscope I can use to see if I can spot any thrips/mites. I have a jug of concentrated End-All insecticide (include miticide). Does anyone know if it's safe to use for CPs?
  16. Stanley


    Very true. I usually just pinch off some of the live sphag (or pull up some leaves/roots) for giving away. I did collect some seeds recently though - they're tiny like drosera seeds.
  17. Stanley

    Newest ping set up

    I was doing that for a while but it never woke up from the succulent stage. Hoping the small boost in humidity from this terrarium helps!
  18. Stanley


    PM me!
  19. Stanley

    Newest ping set up

    I can't for the life of me keep pings alive. The only species thriving in my collection is P. primuliflora. I got these guys from a random nursery. Not sure of the species but I think it's pretty common. They started out doing okay but seems to have gone into hibernation with all these...
  20. Stanley


    I really should but I quite enjoy them haha