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  1. Sloppysponge

    Free to local members with a donation to the fourm(CLOSED)

    Hey guys I am looking to get rid of my nepenthes and cephalotus follicularis terrariums. If interested or for more Info PM me.
  2. Sloppysponge

    S. Flava seedlings.

    I just figured out that these guys are 7 months old! Great seeds @Lloyd Gordon!
  3. Sloppysponge

    Neoregelia bromeliad hybrid

    This is my neo brom I got in one of @WillyCKH auction sales. The plant has started to flower!:D
  4. Sloppysponge

    Sloppysponge Grow list

    Dionaea muscipula Typical “Bristle tooth” Sarracenia and Darlingtonia S. Leucophylla S. Courtii (all green) S. Catesbaei S. Flava- SG S. Purpurea S. Psittacina S. Psittacina X S. Oreo DKC- SG S. Oreo “Sand mountain” OP- SG S.P.P Heter- SG D. Californica “Black”...
  5. Sloppysponge

    Community garden

    I have a new plot at a community garden, I am hoping to have a couple of bogs in it, as well as some nice veggies. I am planning to burry the bog container, and separate it from the veggies.
  6. Sloppysponge

    [closed] Maple tree seedlings

    I have a couple of maple seedlings I would like to give a chance to live out there lives as beautiful trees. Red maple Norway maple I will be uploading photos of the trees if anyone shows some interest.
  7. Sloppysponge

    Vince's CPs

    Here are some of my collection enjoy.
  8. Sloppysponge

    A random Drosera seeding.

    I took a picture of a random seedlings I picked out of a mix pot to test out a $17 microscope that does 20-40 time magnification. I took a picture through the lens with my phone enjoy. Edit: from @WillyCKH sundew mix seed pack.
  9. Sloppysponge

    My new nepenthes enclosure

    Here is the enclosure, hopefully I did this right.
  10. Sloppysponge

    D. scorpioides

    I won "scorpy" in the auction that @WillyCKH held. I think he is coming along rather nice. What a Kool plant.
  11. Sloppysponge

    Mini tree dragons anyone?

    Mini tree dragons or Chameleons has been a hobby of mine for 2 years. Any other keepers out there? I keep Panther Chameleons. Here are some pictures of my enclosures and the Crew.
  12. Sloppysponge

    Any Pinguicula

    Plants or seeds I am willing to buy.
  13. Sloppysponge

    D. graomogolensis

    I have had him since Thursday, and he already has had a meal! Thanks @WillyCKH!
  14. Sloppysponge


    I have 3 nepenthes, one large, two small, just wondering if it is at all possible to tell me what I have?
  15. Sloppysponge

    Hello from Waterloo Ontario.

    Hello my name is Vince, what got me into plants in general is building live planted enclosures for my panther Chameleons. I am an extreme noob when it comes to plants and I cannot wait to learn from all of you guys on here, so thank you in advance. I have 1 large nepenthes, and 2 small ones...