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  1. Daremo

    Happy birthday!

    Happy Birthday
  2. Daremo

    Good Trader and Nursery List

    Those look like something a guy would stab himself with :eek:
  3. Daremo

    Good Trader and Nursery List

    You can still see the seed and all of mine had green shoots so you could tell easy enough but I found it was a challenge for me to convince the roots to let go of the paper towel. I really need to get a tripod for my phone so I can cheat and use it as a magnifier and free up and hand LOL
  4. Daremo

    Pygmy Drosera gemmae harvest

    7 days after receiving them, a couple happy tiny plants showing off for me.
  5. Daremo

    My broken leg

    Co worker missed the stairs too smashed his face into a wall and broke his top plate in half and messed up an orbital bone. Goes to show handrails are my best friend around stairs and travel down them very slow. I hope your recovery stays on track and you are back better than ever in short...
  6. Daremo


    Hey sorry I am late but........ Hi Llyod !!! :rolleyes:
  7. Daremo

    Good Trader and Nursery List

    I got my package as well and want to extend a huge thank you also. Funny but those boulders are just grains of sand lol.
  8. Daremo

    Connors Surgery

    Ya let her catch you doing something stupid and see her demeanor change hehehe Doc Lloyd .... docs never listen to docs hahaha
  9. Daremo

    Connors Surgery

    I was lucky , I never had pain in the shoulder and the gut pain wasn't bad enough to keep me wanting to stay on the couch ( of course I should have stayed there I know ) but I figured I was moving not to bad around the house what could go wrong with a casual stroll around the yard with the lawn...
  10. Daremo

    Connors Surgery

    DO NOT AND i REPEAT DO NOT get busted mowing the lawn the day after the surgery, because no matter how hard you try to talk your way out of it , the wife will win. And if any of the bullet holes rupture , paper towel and duct tape works great and gets awesome response from the doctors office...
  11. Daremo

    2021 New Year CP Resolution

    I refuse to make a resolution simply because people tend to not follow through with them, so in my case I will keep plugging along and hopefully grow alongside my plants as they and the advice I read in the forum here teach me new things all the time. Happy New Year everybody
  12. Daremo

    Picture of the day!

    He definitely seems to suffer from some over crowding in there
  13. Daremo

    Hi from Vancouver!

    Sobeys is $1.49 for 4l refills and $1.99 for the 11 l containers
  14. Daremo

    Hi from Vancouver!

    I am even later but welcome to the joys of always being jealous of everybody elses awesome photography skills and sometimes collections. And warm weather habitats, come to the other side of the hill to Alberta and struggle keeping a good free and abundant water supply for humidity hahaha Clerk...
  15. Daremo


    I am using hydroballs covered with sphagum moss covered with lava rock for my pings right now
  16. Daremo


    Can't remember the title but wife showed me a trailer of a movie that mentioned covid 23 Tentacles and maybe a giant eyeball peering through.
  17. Daremo

    Veet customer review (Mature Humor)

    This is the best full on belly laugh I have had in ages. Thanks for the chuckles.
  18. Daremo

    Merry Christmas from Ping Island

    Tree like that , wife would not be a problem for long ..... wonders if that would be considered an act of nature LOL
  19. Daremo

    Happy birthday!

    Another survivor... we are a hardy bunch eh? Happy Birthday.
  20. Daremo

    Nepenthes ventricosa roots growing out of the ground

    I sat and untangled roots for 20 some minutes to get it out of it's first pot. I was worried I would do more damage by cutting the pot.