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  1. Daremo

    Maxsea Acid Plant Food

    Has anybody tried the Maxsea Acid plant food 14-18-14 with iron and zinc ?
  2. Daremo

    Just a little over a year into the hobby

    and I thought I would throw in a couple pictures of my Nepenthes with the tags visible. and the new baby to the family with it's first open pitcher (for me )
  3. Daremo

    alien ????

    So this little ping I have here decided to flower again , only this time it has this bottom shoot going on …. ideas or reasons on why ? looking at this as another chance to learn something
  4. Daremo

    Truck driver simple LOL

    Ok so I just received my package from WillyCKH with a bunch of seeds, my problem is that TWO seed packs fit on the tip of my finger. So my question is, what is a super simple way to handle such tiny seeds with oversized and clumsy fingers? My weekend project / hiding from my wife begins soon...
  5. Daremo

    Hydroballs ???

    Are these an ok alternative to Perilite? I read they are good for terrarium set ups and was hoping they would do well in potting set ups as well. I was intending on mixing them with peat.
  6. Daremo

    So new to CP that the shipment has not even been shipped yet...

    Sums it up nicely. I live in Calgary and as soon as I expressed interest in CP , my wife was complaining about me going "overboard" So I have a lot of reading to do to get ready for my shipment and have already been working on getting planting media in stock. I can foresee "spousal aggro" in...