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  1. Jonathan

    Opinions on just using Silica sand only.

    Hello everyone, I have a question about Silica Sand. Since it never breaks down, does it have potential to be a permanent growing media for CP's? I know for a fact that in order for CP's to survive it had to be a wet environment so what if you planted a Plant into a pot with pure silica and put...
  2. Jonathan

    WARNING LED PLANT LIGHTS CAN DAMAGE YOUR EYES. I was looking through and came across some LED coloured LED lights and I saw that one of the light packages showed a pair of glasses that came with it. This caused me to connect the dots...
  3. Jonathan

    Property with Bog

    Just asking for future references but is there any place here in BC that has houses near or on bog properties eg; bog just at the back of a house but still has a yard? I would like to find some property someday that has this and plant some of my CP plants in it.
  4. Jonathan

    Veet customer review (Mature Humor)

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  5. Jonathan

    CZPlant Seed germination rates

    Hi everyone, Years ago I ordered some VFT seed from CZPlants and 0 of them germinated for me. Was it perhaps I was just doing something wrong. I don't remember what the conditions were then but has anyone ordered seed from them recently and had success with germination rate? Regards, Jonathan
  6. Jonathan

    D.capillaris seed stratification

    I am getting some temperate D.capillaris seed and was told they don't need cold strat but if I did cold stratify them would this hurt them? Or would it increase germination rates?
  7. Jonathan

    Are elongated Sarr seedlings a death sentence?

    Question in title.
  8. Jonathan

    Are my seeds/seedlings in danger of contamination?

    Hi everyone, I have some seed put in a pot with Sphagnum and have it in a ziploc bag. I then place the bag with the pot of seedlings in it directly on a heat matt and it gets nice and humid in there but my concern is if the plastic baggie gets too warm will some of the oils and other ingredients...
  9. Jonathan

    My North Carolina Bog Simulation

    Hi everyone as some of you may know that I am a purist when it comes to plants which means each plant must have proper location data. Here is a list of what I have and what I don't have. I am hoping maybe one day to buy a property with a Bog in the back yard and start my North Carolina Bog...
  10. Jonathan

    My Project.

    My project. When it comes to dormancy I can put the plants underneath the table and in the spring/summer can out them on top. I do have a question though. Is it required for plants to have at least some light for dormancy? If I put them underneath for winter will they die from lack of light? I...
  11. Jonathan

    Pressure Sensor of VFT
  12. Jonathan

    Venus Flytrap from Orton Plantation

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know the history of the Orton Plantation Venus Fly Trap? Are they wild types? I know what the plantation is but was wondering about the plants themselves there. Are they planted there or grow wild there?
  13. Jonathan

    The difference between S.purpurea purpurea vs S.purpurea ssp. venosa?

    What are the Visual Differences of these two varieties? All I know is the geographic location is different between the two.
  14. Jonathan

    What Pinguicula's live in North Carolina?

    Question in title^ Looking to expand my North Carolina CP collection.
  15. Jonathan

    Why do my D.capillaris constantly send up flower stalks?

    Question in title^
  16. Jonathan

    Looking for this plant

    Hi everyone, Will anyone here have a S. flava var. atropurpurea Brunswick Co. North Carolina 'All Red' plant or it's seed come spring time? Thanks! Jonathan
  17. Jonathan

    Australian Sundews Species in BC.

    Does anyone know what Australian Sundews could survive outside in lower mainland British Columbia weather if left outside all year? It rarely dips below freezing here. I've heard of Helis surviving in a bog outside all year here and they are from a hot humid climate.
  18. Jonathan

    Rhizome Rott in the wild?

    Why don't CP rhizomes rott and go to mush in the wild but they do in some cases with human cultivation in pots?