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  1. MimiStew24

    Exotic Pets

    I’ve always been nature boy and interested in the flora and fauna kingdom and went to school for forestry & conservation but When I was young buck ;) 12 years ago (I’m still young :p) when I lived in England I use to keep all kinds of exotics especially Amphibians, I was quite the frog...
  2. MimiStew24

    CP Feeding Culture

    I’ve been going crazy on threads past week. Apologies. One of my favourite joys of keeping Carnivorous Plants. Feeding time. And the question what to feed?
  3. MimiStew24

    Live Spaghnum Moss Growing and Culture

    I’m fascinated in growth & Culture of spag moss and how it gets different colourations and different growth from one single species! I’m wondering what causes this beautiful colourations of deep purple, reds, pinks and lush greens in the moss and different characteristics in the moss leaves. I...
  4. MimiStew24

    Connors Surgery

    Going in for gall bladder surgery this morning folks! I won’t be as lively on the forum today haha see you later! cheers Connor Happy Growing always!
  5. MimiStew24


    so I’m going to try a new substrate mix for my Cephs & sundews. This will be experiment. Which will consist of Peatmoss, Lava rock soil & silca sand with 1 inch of clay balls at bottom of my pots. I will post pics of the substrate mix when it arrives!
  6. MimiStew24


    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY CP FRIENDS. Best Wishes, covif free, more freedom and more growing! All the best Connor
  7. MimiStew24

    Connors Bladds

    I think there’s U.Calcfydia come to life amongst my Nep X Bloody Marry and it’s going to flower?
  8. MimiStew24


    Sorry guys- I decided just to make one big thread of all my Nepenthes instead of separate ones! This where all my updates will be from now on! HERES UPDATE OF MY BLOODY MARY X. Was slow grower to start but now picking up pace with pitchers! Hoping leaves looking good! looks like they only get...
  9. MimiStew24

    Connors X Ventrata

    I haven’t made a tread for my longest pitcher which I’ve had since This May. My. Ventrata really taking off and produced some lovely pitchers over the summer & is producing pitchers now in my Terria. I’m going to post some very first pics of her from May and now so you can see!
  10. MimiStew24

    Connors Sundews

    I got my D. Spats couple weeks back of Willy and they are finally climatising to the terria and we’ve got some dews coming.... I’m hoping I can get these guys bright red and hoping other guys can take off too and also my D. Tok seems to be dewing up now!
  11. MimiStew24

    D. adelae needs to smile soon.

    I had my D.Adeale in humidity box all summer long outside in partial shade so sun doesn’t heat box up but poor guy suffered all summer long by not enough ventilation air and his leave would start to mole up etc and it would struggle to dew up too. So I finally got my Terria and now hoping I can...
  12. MimiStew24

    MORE ADJUSTMENTS TO TERRIA. Lights & Ventilation.

    So been playing around with this set up last few days with trying to get right humidity and proper ventilation with fan running! so I finally nailed the humidity to 80% by putting better and secure layer of food wrap right over the top of the terria and lights and secured the warp all around...
  13. MimiStew24


    Big Thank you to Willy for my Baby Ceph! THIS will be my first attempt in growing this species ever and in my terraria! Hoping I can nail it!
  14. MimiStew24

    Connors Terrarium GROWING.

    Here is finale terrarium - so now I have t5H0 at back and 2 LEDS at the front on top to give the plants some more light and bring that radiant temperature up and the fan for air circulation- Huge thank you to Willy for your custom LEDs and Fan. Fantastic. I recommend anyone on here to willy...
  15. MimiStew24

    Hidden Nature Natural Pond

    There’s nothing more that fascinates me than ponds. Such complex little ecosystems teaming with life Fauna and Flora! studied conservation/natural landscapes and ecosystems in college. Have a degree. This is nestled on a walk way in the ravine To my neighbourhood lillys are Still kicking in. And...
  16. MimiStew24

    My CP Humidity Box update since May.

    I started this CP Humidity box in May with some D. adelaes, Hams, Utricularia calycifida and U. gibba and a D. tokaiensis from Willy I got in June which is now stalking up like crazy and which took energy out of him. everything looking good. My D. adelea was most finicky and I took a cutting off...
  17. MimiStew24

    D.Hams Growth update since May

    Had these D. Hams growing since May in a humidity box outside most of summer which @Lloyd Gordon gave me. Hams doing good but slow growers.
  18. MimiStew24


    DAY 2- Update I think I finally got it. I had trouble with humidity & warm levels in my Terrarium temps only hitting 21C and not to much humidity. I originally left vents open on top of my exo terra and had the T5HO light mounted To mesh outside the terra on top (you can see from pics I posted...
  19. MimiStew24

    Now added 8x10 glass frame panels to the top with 1/4 gaps each side. Let’s see if gunidit

    I put 4 peices of Glass 8x10 Panals on for 4 sections of mesh and 1/4 inch gap each side and I left gap where light sits so the light & warm can shine through into the exo terra. Let’s see if humidity rises! That will of course raise the temp! I’ve highlighted in red in the pic of where i left...
  20. MimiStew24

    UPDATE ON TERRARIUM- No humidity

    Im going to keep forums posted on my cp tank- As you know guys know I got it late last night and didn’t set up until 5. So couldn’t experiment to much. most of you guys insisted That I don’t need a heat pad and the room temperature and lighting would be enough for the plants. Exo Terra tank is...