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  1. jackie quan garnishes

    Was a a local Safeway and noticed a nice refrigerator chock full of herbs...admired the led lights more than the herbs so I took note of the stylish setup Anyways, it appears it is much more than meets the eye being a cloud based hydroponic unit that I guess grows the herbs via...
  2. jackie quan

    IKEA concept home

    Was looking at some ikea shelving for plants and came upon a recent model home that is Poland by ikea showing how plants can be incorporated into their design...lotsa Picts. Beats our ad hoc borg like setups.
  3. jackie quan

    Dancing Plant?

    Anyone on this board into plants that move as well? I am looking at a “Codariocalyx motorius” aka dancing plant. I believe they are the only 3rd terrestrial plant that can move in real time, with others like the Venus’s Flytrap and Mimosa. They react to light and of course sound.
  4. jackie quan

    Greenhouse Nerd from Japan

    Stumbled on a foliage (Monstera) lover's blog that did a tour of a rare tropical plant guy from Japan. .. 1-3 part video. Very impressive collection of tropical plants
  5. jackie quan

    Ants fights back!

    Interesting to see a company in canada like tarantulacanada sells ants. He has some nice videos on his terrarium ant farms and one video shows what happens when he planted some pitcher plants in an antfarm. . Also, related, this other terrarium/ Paludarium is by a guy named SerpaDesign who...
  6. jackie quan

    Anyone still using T5 Lights?

    Noticed someone was selling some T5 fixtures (8x and 6x 8 bulb fixtures) for cheap on the local boards and was wondering if people on this forum still use them during the winter for their tropical plants. If so, do they use a lot of energy as I see they are probably in the order of 324W and up...
  7. jackie quan

    Corals anyone?

    Here is a nice video of some colorful and very expensive corals ( $1cdn = approx $1 spd) at a few exclusive venues in Singapore. Cameras do not capture the colors as most corals actually are glowing fluorescent under atinic blue lights.... has to be seen in real person to appreciate the...
  8. jackie quan

    Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap Book.

    Dionaea: The Venus's Flytrap Was wondering if anyone bought this book that was written back in 2012 by Tim Bailey. If, so, is it worth buying?
  9. jackie quan

    Anybody have rat tail or peanut catus?

    These kinds of cacti used to be relatively common mixed in with all the cactii you see at the stores yet I can't seem to find any off them anymore. Anyone here know where to get them in Canada ( Vancouver area preferably)?
  10. jackie quan

    Any new group orders for 2019?

    Anyone ( ie the moderators /admin) planning to do any group orders this year..? ( Vancouver area)I myself wanted a couple of Venus flytrap cultivars (dc like, a15)I was planning maybe to just order one plant and have it shipped to point Roberts or something. I think if you make it bear roots...
  11. jackie quan

    Faster Steroids?

    Has anybody tried Scotts DiseaseRX fungi killer on your Venus Flytraps? Seems someone discovered it actually accelerates growth as opposed to just being a fungi killer ( very toxic for fish and aqualife though). Would like to get some but I think not available... it is readily available in the...