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  1. jackie quan

    Spotted a few N. Viking for sale in the Courtenay BC, Canadian Tire if anyone wanted one.

    I see some local nurseries like Morgan Creek Nurseries ( wholesale) carries ant plants , and Florida's Costa Farms carries some hard to come by tropicals selling them to Rona/Lowes/ very cheap ( Raven zz, network calatea, etc) compared to what people sell them on facebook marketplace... also, on...
  2. jackie quan

    Vft dormancy

    I bought a venus flytrap ( from rocketfarms in California..they sold them up here at Safeways) from a independant dollar store probably 5 or 6 years ago ( $2.49 I think) and it has never moved from my east facing window sill since buying it. It is still alive but in a relatively small bonsai...
  3. jackie quan

    Are these LED lights good?

    These ones are not bad as also available as a e27 socketed version..quite cheap for around $50cdn for 2. a friend uses them and is happy with it....comes in a two pack...
  4. jackie quan garnishes

    Was a a local Safeway and noticed a nice refrigerator chock full of herbs...admired the led lights more than the herbs so I took note of the stylish setup Anyways, it appears it is much more than meets the eye being a cloud based hydroponic unit that I guess grows the herbs via...
  5. jackie quan

    Now added 8x10 glass frame panels to the top with 1/4 gaps each side. Let’s see if gunidit

    You could always buy one of those inexpensive foggers (mister)from around $20cdn off amazon and there should be a perpetual fog or on a timer.
  6. jackie quan

    IKEA concept home

    Or do You mean when you die you want to,live in plant heaven
  7. jackie quan

    Varun's (vraev) CP/Orchid terraria

    Here is the article on clay...I think to be sucessful with a specific plant, the proper bacteria strains must be introduced with the leca/hydroton...scientist have been working on it for years to get the right mix...
  8. jackie quan

    IKEA concept home

    Was looking at some ikea shelving for plants and came upon a recent model home that is Poland by ikea showing how plants can be incorporated into their design...lotsa Picts. Beats our ad hoc borg like setups.
  9. jackie quan

    Varun's (vraev) CP/Orchid terraria

    notice you pay $6.50 \gal. For distilled water. I use a 5 stage ro and the water is great ( especially on water that is already great out here in Vancouver) could buy a water distiller appliance (eg craigslist, marketplaces) and probably pay distilled water for 0.20/gallon. Also, anyone...
  10. jackie quan

    Starting a terrarium

    Did you zoom into the picture of the terrible bus crash in Grande Praire with the laden truck a couple of years ago. You will see it was full of the Premier brand peat moss that sells through Lowes, Canadian Tire and even in the USA. That load must have been shipped from its source way up north...
  11. jackie quan

    NOID meaning?

    I have no idea what NO ID is.
  12. jackie quan


    My wife is getting to bewards becoming a Hoya nerd.... but nothing like this swedish lady who has Hoya400+ hoyas in her apartment. She is gettin better and did cut down from her 800+ plants though .
  13. jackie quan

    I kill mine with a badminton racquet when they are flying around in a confirmed room... or I use...

    I kill mine with a badminton racquet when they are flying around in a confirmed room... or I use a toy elastic band gun when they are on the ceiling or window...surprising accurate but sometimes a messy kill.
  14. jackie quan

    Dancing Plant?

    Anyone on this board into plants that move as well? I am looking at a “Codariocalyx motorius” aka dancing plant. I believe they are the only 3rd terrestrial plant that can move in real time, with others like the Venus’s Flytrap and Mimosa. They react to light and of course sound.
  15. jackie quan

    Praying mantis and small Sarracenia

    I think there won’t be enough food for a praying mantis feeding on a few gnats. You will probably need to buy some crickets and such as well. Lots of people out there who have a mantis or two as pets... check them out. The pink orchid ones are the coolest albeit expensive and sort lived
  16. jackie quan

    Greenhouse Nerd from Japan

    Stumbled on a foliage (Monstera) lover's blog that did a tour of a rare tropical plant guy from Japan. .. 1-3 part video. Very impressive collection of tropical plants
  17. jackie quan

    Fungus gnat larvae

    not sure if this works, but this company sells biological control :
  18. jackie quan


    Found a few Facebook groups locally that trades Hoyas and many of those people get their plants form overseas (Korea, Thailand). has a pretty good selection of Hoyas with Picts. I believe there are over 500 species out there and this site is one of the best I’ve seen and one can order...
  19. jackie quan

    Azoxystrobin for VFT

    I mentioned this last year under “steroids for vft”. The Scotts diesaseX stuff fungicide is not legal up here in Canada but readily available in the USA and I was tempted to buy some but did was pretty big bag for my uses. Apparently if that stuff gets into the streams ( eg rain...
  20. jackie quan

    Bulk purchase of Maxsea within Canada or alternative fertilizers for carnivorous plants?

    bradsgreenhouse sells it albiet kinda expensive with shipping and is currently out of stock ( he even did a youtube video of it I believe showing its use)...