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  1. WillyCKH

    Picture of the day!

    Fall color :)
  2. WillyCKH

    The bugs channel

    My new pet Dairy Cow Isopods bought from DZD Herptiles And a blue spider! Is this rare?
  3. WillyCKH

    What is everyone's favorite carnivorous plants?

    I love Pings and Utrics, they need more love!
  4. WillyCKH

    Devil squirrels

    Maybe they want to make peace with you?
  5. WillyCKH

    [Closed] Carnivorsandmore Nursery Seed Group Order 2020

    I wish I can share some helpful numbers but I haven't finished sowing most of the seeds. The ones that I have tried seem to be great though! definitely will consider buying from them again when I need more seeds to play with. :)
  6. WillyCKH

    Good luck!

    Good luck!
  7. WillyCKH

    That'd be awesome!

    That'd be awesome!
  8. WillyCKH

    Willy's Nepenthes

    Super excited to receive some seeds of N. ventricosa x ventricosa (Avery's x Willy's) today!
  9. WillyCKH

    Springtails *Adult Content, May contain Mating Rituals*

    Is it the silver one? They are all over my grow area now, very helpful feeding my Pings. :)
  10. WillyCKH

    Willy's Pings

    Pinguicula martinezii
  11. WillyCKH

    Hello from Mississauga, Ontario :)

    Welcome to CPSC!
  12. WillyCKH

    Nepenthes truncata

    It's seed grown, still too young to tell yet... :)
  13. WillyCKH

    Nepenthes truncata

    Love this new pitcher!
  14. WillyCKH

    Ping leaves curling?

    It seems fine. Keep in mind that Mexi Ping changes shape of the leaves from time to time, whenever they feel like.
  15. WillyCKH

    Seedlings have mold on where the green part meets soil

    It might not be mould, Sarracenia roots have fuzzy structure.
  16. WillyCKH

    How to re mineralize my water for daphnia without making it toxic to my CPs

    Green water or yeast water (slightly cloudy) is good food for your Daphnia. Make sure to not use tap water because the chlorine and other chemicals in it may kill your culture.
  17. WillyCKH

    Canada Post updates

    Unfortunately, yes it does. I hope it will be resolved soon. I can try to send out packages and mails from another city, port coquitlam.
  18. WillyCKH

    Mixed carnivourous pots

    I hope you have more space because I'm sending out a box to you when the smoke is gone. :)
  19. WillyCKH

    Ping Islands

    That tree is perfect!
  20. WillyCKH

    MB’s CP Questions

    They grow well in Sphagnum moss