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  1. Jacob Smith

    Science Fair Ideas

    I am doing a science fair project on my CPs, but i am having trouble narrowing down a cool hypothesis. Some of my ideas are... -which species/genus is the “deadliest” (pH, kill-time, etc) -what kind of bacteria a captive Ceph would have in it -could you rig a flytrap to a clock and have it run...
  2. Jacob Smith

    Stunted Sarracenia, Help!

    This summer my sarrs are very sad. I want to know whats wrong with them, as theyre in bad shape. I took in my stunted S. Purp. Montana and he is doing well in my terrarium although he doesnt have as much color. My taller guy, a leucophylla, is also stunted and will only produce tiny...
  3. Jacob Smith

    Advice on a Sundew mixed-species pot?

    im making a “communal pot” of as many sundews and sundew species as possible as a christmas gift for my friend who likes CPs. For potential candidates, i have Spatulata “Tamlin” Tokaiensis Graomogolensis Adelae Capensis Burmannii Lantau Island I need general advice on which plants should i use...
  4. Jacob Smith

    Is “WeirdPlantShop” legit? are they legit? Has anyone bought from them? Im looking to buy nepenthes seeds, not vitro plants, do you guys think theyre real?
  5. Jacob Smith

    Pygmy Drosera Gemmae

    i want to try Pygmy Drosera, so i’ll buy gemmae or trade for them. PM me if you have some
  6. Jacob Smith

    Ebay seller “carmenalcalacaballero” Not sure if theyre legit. I want to order some N. Merrilliana seeds, but dont want to waste my money. Has anyone bought stuff (specifically nep seeds) from them?
  7. Jacob Smith

    Regrowing sphagnum

    i found some Sphagnum Squarrosum, and some other species of peat moss. I tried to grow it with my sarracenias, but it half died,( some black and brown spots, but still green in other spots.) if i clean it a bit and soak it in water, will it come back? Theres a little bit of mold, and most of the...
  8. Jacob Smith

    Any Nepenthes

    I dont have any nepenthes, and I’d like to start growing them, so if anyone has any extra for cheap i’ll trade/buy them. I dont really want highlands because i cant really grow them properly.
  9. Jacob Smith

    Jacob’s Grow List

    DROSERA -Capensis -Adelae (White Flower) -Spatulata (Tamlin) -Tokaiensis -Graomogolensis -Rotundifolia -Burmannii (Humpty Doo) -‘Lantau Island’ SARRACENIA -Leucophylla (Minor Giant) -Purp. Veno. Montana (Transylvania Co.) -Minor -‘Scarlet Belle’ UTRICULARIA -Reniformis x Nelumbifolia -Alpina...
  10. Jacob Smith

    Lava Rock Display?

    i have a bunch of small Moranensis guys, and i was thinking it would be cool to plant some on a lava rock, and then soak the bottom in water. Will it absorb? Has anyone ever tried this before?
  11. Jacob Smith


    along with skulls, my other hobby is insect keeping. I want to become an entomologist, and i breed several beetles. I have a colony of 1000+ dermestid beetles, 2 ceruchus piceus stag beetle larvae, and a tiger beetle larva. Does anyone else keep beetles?
  12. Jacob Smith

    Skull collecting

    I collect various animal skulls, for scientific study and fun. I’ve got lots of them but my coolest are definitely... -a huge male Black Bear, found on a fence post. -a Kestrel that lost a fight with a Hawk. -a Roe Deer that i got as a christmas gift. My first ever skull was a Coyote that i...
  13. Jacob Smith

    Would anyone be interested in Drosera Adelae “white flower”

    I have a Drosera Adelae that unexpectedly bloomed with white flowers, (i thought it was a red type). Would anyone be interested if i put it in “for sale”? I heard it was a pretty uncommon thing in north america. I would only sell leaves, because i cant uproot the plant. How much could i sell it...
  14. Jacob Smith

    Any Utricularia

    I have only sundews and sarrs, and would like to try utrics. Any easy terrestrial will be fine.
  15. Jacob Smith

    New member

    i am a new member here. I live in Kingston, Ontario. I grow S.Leucophylla ‘minor giant’ S.Minor D.Spatulata ‘Tamlin’ D.Capensis D.Adelae D.Tokaiensis P.Moranensis And one Typical venus flytrap
  16. Jacob Smith

    S.Purpurea Montana care?

    i have heard that these guys need a little bit chillier temps. Is this true? Are there any care requirements different from regular sarrs that i should know about?
  17. Jacob Smith

    S. Purpurea Venosa var. Montana

    I would like to buy or trade for one. Plants that i have to trade include -Drosera Spatulata ‘Tamlin’ -Drosera Adelae -Pinguicula moranensis And more