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  1. krizz

    S. Scarlet Belle

    Went to homehardware to check what they have and found these.
  2. krizz

    D. capensis

    Got these seeds from Willy off eBay and it turned out great.
  3. krizz

    Sarracenia tubers

    I been wondering about Sarracenia tuber plants. When they grow very tall up how strong is the stalk? I feel that strong winds will blow and it breaks at the base or something since it's hollow inside?
  4. krizz

    S. Carolina "Yellow Jacket"

    found these at home hardware. I really wasn't expecting to see anything beside generic VFT for $12 there. Pick two of them up and have them in a bog like with perlite covering the open water from mosquito.
  5. krizz

    borneo exotics plants

    Are borneo exotics considered to be a higher if not better than normal plants? The info that I can gather is that company is the largest in CP cultivation and I believe they do controlled cross species tissues hybrids.
  6. krizz


    Is it normal to use a leaf pulling method over stem cutting? I also read elsewhere it can be done to other nepenthes as well. Photo I found on fb. I'm not sure the success rate is higher than stem cuttings.
  7. krizz

    n.truncata growth point

    Divided the main plant in two and 6 months later the main plant shooting out a growth point. I was wondering if anything was going to happen since I took the top off.
  8. krizz

    Happy New Years 2018

    Hope everyone is having a nice one minus the low -30 Celsius temps that I am having here. Cheers.
  9. krizz

    Free water in winter

    winter is a good time to be collecting snow and let it melt so you don't have to wait for it to rain in spring/summer or go out buying distilled water at the store.
  10. krizz

    Omnivore Insects?

    Are there any insects that I should be aware of that feeds/damages carnivorous plants if kept outside? Like some caterpillar munching on your plant leaf or mites/ aphids?
  11. krizz

    cold stratification?

    I been wondering is there any downside keeping seeds in cold stratification longer periods than what they are used to? Will germination be more successful?
  12. krizz

    Orchid society event

    Saw this on Brads page and I think a few members are from BC. I wonder what other growers bring to this plant convention and also you get to meet Brad himself there too. I think he is a member of this group?
  13. krizz

    Set up

    Ok so I ended up getting a shelf rack and led lights. I am wondering how high should the lights generally be from the plants and what timer setting for the light to be on?
  14. krizz

    Border City

    I migrated over to this site.